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     You need to clone your gene of interest in order to express it to make a protein that you can use to make an antibody for your cell-based assay.  Don't know how to do that?  You will need some DNA or RNA, PCR, cloning, protein expression, bioinformatics, cell culture, ELISAs and more.  Don't have all the techniques in your portfolio?  We can show you how.  

     Our workshops are designed to cover the basics of many of these protocols by including lecture/discussion & demonstrations to cover standard methods, hands-on applications of most or representative techniques, combined with an understanding of technique theory and helpful advice on how to troubleshoot your protocols.  The workshops will be of interest to undergraduate students doing research projects over the summer, new graduate students, technicians, lab technologists, post-docs or faculty looking to expand their repertoire of techniques.   Our Train the Trainer workshops are designed to support the individual needs of participants looking to bring this workshop or techniques to their own institution.  If you are in a small college or university, from a low or middle income country, want to bring hands-on molecular biology to your classes, or seeking established teaching materials to use, we have what you seek. 



2017 dates

Nucleic Acids Basics

Not currently offered

2 x full days

Sequencing and Web-based Bioinformatics

Not currently offered

5 hours

Proteins Basics

Not currently offered

* theory only session +

2 x full days 

Real time PCR (kPCR, qPCR)

Not currently offered

AM 1/2 day - In Theory and Practice

PM 1/2 day- Primer and Assay Design

Cell Culture and Microscopy   

Not currently offered

May 10 = full day + 2x half days

ELISA and Immunoassays

Not currently offered

May 12 = full day + 2x half days

#overlap session with Proteins

Assay Development, Validation and QA/QC

Not currently offered

full day, 3rd week of May 

scheduled with your input

Train the Trainer

Contact us for more information

* Background theory lecture only, so that we have two days for lab practice.

# Overlapping presentation/Q&A with ELISA and Immunoassays. Those who register for ELISA only should attend the session during Proteins workshop.

The different components can be taken during different time periods over the course of 1 year for the same package pricing.