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Welcome to the Markin USRP in Health & Wellness

Trust us!

This is going to look a lot better on your resume!

There are 30 Markin studentships up for grabs
this summer.  Get your application in by
February 14, 2014.




Well, the travel part anyways.

The Graeme Bell Travel Award gives you $1000 if you have presented your undergraduate research at a conference you had to travel to.

Application forms now online!

Download the application forms for the Fall/Winter or Summer Markin USRP, and the Graeme Bell Travel Award.

Markin USRP in the news

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Become a Faculty Mentor

The Markin USRP is currently looking for U of C faculty members to become USRP Faculty Mentors.

Research in Action

What kinds of research projects are Markin USRP students working on?

The Markin USRP Student Research Symposium presentations were held October 3, 2013

Click here for photos of this annual event