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Thank you for considering the University of Calgary as a possible destination for your next step as a postdoctoral scholar.

Our Eyes High strategic direction envisions the University of Calgary as a global intellectual hub. Both the Academic Plan and the Strategic Research Plan — the roadmaps that will guide us as we achieve our ambitious goals — emphasize the importance of attracting new scholars to our academy, providing them with professional training opportunities, and ensuring successful research career trajectories in industry, academia, government, or non‐governmental organizations.

Postdoctoral scholars play a key role at our university. They come here with advanced skills and a research perspective developed at other leading institutions. Many come from beyond our borders and enrich the cultural diversity of our campus and community. During their tenure as postdoctoral scholars, they challenge our faculty to consider new research directions, mentor graduate students, and — because of the time they are able to dedicate to research — can have a significant impact on our shared goals of promoting discovery, creativity and innovation.

This new postdoctoral recruitment program aims to increase the number of postdoctoral scholars at the University of Calgary. The initial program will recruit approximately 60 new postdoctoral scholars for a two-year term — an increase in the number of postdoctoral scholars on campus by approximately 15 per cent. View the list of principal investigators currently seeking new postdoctoral scholars.
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