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Strategic Research Plan

UCalgary’s Strategic Research Plan is part of the roadmap toward our Eyes High vision of becoming one of Canada’s top research universities. To achieve this goal, we designed the Strategic Research Plan to focus on three major priorities: matching our strengths with opportunities, increasing our research capacity, and creating a dynamic environment to promote research excellence.

We identified Strategic Research Themes and Platforms that provide the framework through which are achieving our goals:

Strategic Research Themes

Each of the Strategic Research Themes represent an area in which we have a critical mass of expertise, we are an essential hub in provincial, national, or global research networks, and we have strong community or industry partnerships. Research activities in these areas are driven by current societal needs, engage our communities, and create opportunities for international prominence.

Energy Innovations for Today and Tomorrow
Infections, Inflammation and Chronic Diseases
Human Dynamics in a Changing World

Energy Innovations for Today and Tomorrow

We are focused on creating a low carbon energy system while assessing the effects of energy-related processes and harnessing unconventional hydrocarbon resources.

Infections, Inflammation and Chronic Diseases

We’re meeting complex global challenges by bringing together leaders in numerous sciences as well as epidemiology, law, population and community health, and public policy.

Human Dynamics in a Changing World

Our interdisciplinary strength seeks the situations and systems, and develops the solutions we need to adapt in the face of rapid change.

Engineering Solutions for Health: Biomedical Engineering
New Earth-Space Technologies
Brain and Mental Health

Engineering Solutions for Health: Biomedical Engineering

Researchers are at the forefront of advancing neurosurgery, joint repair and stem cell production and are producing unprecedented insights into global healthcare research challenges.

New Earth-Space Technologies

NEST capture, analyze and share the smell, sight, taste, touch and sound of our earth-space environment, enabling better decisions for industry, security and society.

Brain and Mental Health

Led by the Hotchkiss Brain Institute, the strategy is shaped around three broad pillars: brain and behaviour, neural injury and repair, and healthy brain aging

Strategic Research Platforms

The Strategic Research Platforms are organized scholarly activities that are truly cross-cutting, and are catalysts in the creation or application of new knowledge. Each led by an interdisciplinary committee of experts, the platforms facilitate and support the work of the research themes, leading to accelerated achievement and improved outcomes across the academy.

Analytics and Visualization

Our society is overwhelmed by data and information. Advances in many disciplines, using both qualitative and quantitative data, are limited by our abilities to make sense of this data; analysis and visualization allow us to synthesize knowledge from data and simulations. 


UCalgary researchers have a tremendous capacity to bridge the gap between discovery and innovation. Innovate Calgary has emerged as the designated technology transfer agency for the university of Calgary, and together with Alberta Innovates, it aims to create a regional hub for commercialization that serves southern Alberta. 

Knowledge Translation

The Knowledge Translation platform is designed to promote university-community engagement and partnerships, for the mutual benefit of the community and the university. Ongoing collaborative partnerships provide opportunities for knowledge translation of research to practice through involvement of stakeholders in all aspects of the research process.

Research Stations

Our research stations draw scholars from around the world to conduct research of the highest caliber, and to educate students from all levels. UCalgary continues to explore ideas for novel research stations that will provide opportunities for students and scholars to test their ideas in different settings and participate in courses across a wide range of disciplines.

Research Enablers

This platform ensures that the university continues to invest to improve our systems and facilities as well as advance research in areas such as animal care, ethics in human subject research, financial and conflict of interest compliance, and governance.

Policy Creation

Championed by the School of Public Policy, this research platform involves synthesis and analysis of information from many disciplines to advance public discussions of policy and to promote critical evaluation of policy alternatives.

Clinical, Health Services, and Population Health Research Platform Strategy

The purpose of the platform strategy is to mobilize Research Enablers (infrastructure and human capacity) to improve health, health equity, health system efficiency, and the quality of the patient experience for Albertans, while reaping the benefits of good health and new health-related products and services.