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UCARE – University of Calgary Animal Research and Education Executive Committee

The University of Calgary is working to promote research, collaboration, and scholarly activity and we have identified enhancements in animal care services as a productive means to improve research conditions, enable researchers to excel, and assist in achieving the goals of Eyes High. This is to inform you of a new initiative at the University of Calgary that will help establish unified, harmonized and effective management and delivery of animal care services to researchers and educators. This new initiative, named UCARE (University of Calgary Animal Research and Education Executive Committee), will allow us to optimize and improve this key aspect of the university's research activities and mission. UCARE will be guided by an Executive Committee. The UCARE Executive Committee will work to achieve these objectives and importantly, the Committee will serve as a direct point of contact for ANY issue dealing with animal care at the University of Calgary.

UCARE is not meant to replace the existing routine communications of animal care committees, veterinarians, facility managers and staff regarding daily operations. It will, however, act as a one-stop portal for broad or unresolved issues that appear beyond such channels. Our intention is to help improve communication between all stakeholders of animal care services in the university, and in so doing facilitate research and teaching that is reliant on animal care services.  

The entire university community is invited to send any request, concern, advice, suggestion, or comments directly to the UCARE Executive Committee at

The Chair of the UCARE Executive Committee will be Dr. Doug Morck, University Veterinarian, and the Committee will report to the Vice President Research office, through Dr. Andre Buret, Associate Vice President Research. The Terms of Reference of the UCARE Executive Committee are attached for your information. These Terms of Reference, and more information about UCARE, can be found at the secure access University of Calgary Animal Health Unit Website. Your secure access to this website can be obtained from Dr. Patricia Lauzon our Animal Care Committee Coordinator.