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2017 CFREB Meeting Dates

2017 Board Meetings

The CFREB has a monthly meeting. Research protocols which pose a more-than-minimal risk to their participants (as determined by a review of the application by the Chair and Ethics Administrative Staff) must, by Tri-Council Policy Statement regulations, be reviewed by the entire CFREB. The Board meets monthly to consider such applications. Please contact or (403) 220-4283 if you require assistance in determining if your application will need to be reviewed by the entire Board.

The 2017 schedule of Board Meetings and the submission deadlines for each of these meetings is listed below. Applications judged to be greater-than-minimal risk must be submitted via IRISS by the submission deadline in order to be reviewed by the Board at the scheduled meeting. This ensures that the Board members have time to carefully review the application prior to consideration at the meeting.  

Note that applications judged to be of minimal risk or of no risk are not reviewed at the monthly CFREB meeting and are not subject to the above submission deadlines. Minimal risk/no risk applications are dealt with on a first-come, first-served basis throughout the year by the Chair and Ethics Administrative Staff. 

CFREB Meeting Dates and Deadlines 2017
Submission Deadline Meeting Date
 Friday, January 13  Friday, January 27
 Friday, February 10  Friday, February 24
 Friday, March 17  Friday, March 31
 Friday, April 14  Friday, April 28
 Friday, May 12  Friday, May 26
 Friday, June 16  Friday, June 30
 Friday, July 14  Friday, July 28
 Friday, August 18  Friday, September 1
 Friday, September 22  Friday, October 6
 Friday, October 20  Friday, November 3
 Friday, November 17  Friday, December 1