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Commercialize your Invention

Translation of research findings into practical applications of benefit to society is a high priority for the University of Calgary, and is being strongly supported by the Office of the Vice-President (Research).
If your research efforts have resulted in something that has the potential to be commercially viable, the first step is to disclose your invention / intellectual property (IP). This is a compliance obligation required by the Intellectual Property Policy of the University. To do so, please fill out and submit the Intellectual Property Disclosure Form.
Once you have disclosed your invention / IP, you have two options:
1.  You are strongly encouraged to work with Innovate Calgary, the commercialization arm of the University of Calgary. Innovate Calgary is a full-service organization offering technology transfer and business incubator services to researchers, entrepreneurs and businesses within the advanced technology sector. In cooperation with Research Services, Innovate Calgary works to help researchers at the University bridge the gap between discovery and innovation. You are encouraged to contact them for a no-obligation consultation.
2.  You may instead elect to proceed independently and use your own resources or work with an independent third party to pursue commercial opportunities. In this case, you must work with Research Services to fulfill your obligations to the University, which includes the completion of a Revenue Sharing Agreement.
These options are outlined in the Commercialization Process flowchart.
For more details, you are encouraged to read the University of Calgary Inventor's Handbook.