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Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)

CIHR offers the following research funding opportunities. Please visit our Funding Deadlines Calendar for information on current competitions and internal submission processes.

Open Suite of Programs (phased out in 2015)

CIHR has phased out their suite of Open Programs, which included the Open Operating Grant, the Knowledge Synthesis Grant, the Knowledge to Action grant, the Proof of Principle grants (Phases I and II), the Industry-Partnered Collaborative Research grant and the Partnership for Health Systems Improvement grant. In addition they have phased out the New Investigator Salary Award. They have replaced these competitions with two funding schemes: the Foundation scheme and the Project Scheme.  For more details visit the CIHR website and the individual opportunities below.

On-going Programs

Foundation Scheme:  Is designed to contribute to a sustainable foundation of health research leaders by providing long-term support of innovative, high-impact programs of research. There will be one (1) Foundation competition per year, open to everyone starting in Fall 2016. For more information see CIHR’s website.

Project Scheme: Is designed to support ideas with the greatest potential for important advances in health-related knowledge, the health care system, and/or health outcomes. Supported projects will have a specific purposed and defined endpoint. There will be two (2) Project competitions per year, starting in Spring 2016. For more information see CIHR’s website.

Catalyst Grant: Various opportunities throughout the year, often in strategic areas.  Check ResearchNet for opportunities or our Funding Calendar.

Team Grants: Various opportunities throughout the year, often in strategic areas. Check ResearchNet for opportunities or our Funding Calendar.

Collaborative Health Research Projects (CHRP): The CHRP program is a joint initiative between the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).  The program support innovative interdisciplinary collaborative research projects requiring participation from the natural sciences or engineering community together with the health sciences community.  LOI deadline is normally in May of each year. For more information visit the CIHR website.

Strategy for Patient Oriented Research (SPOR) : Objective is to foster evidence-informed health care by bringing innovative diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to the point of care, so as to ensure greater quality, accountability, and accessibility of care. For more information on both SPOR Networks and SPOR Units visit the CIHR website.



For more information on CIHR please contact:

Anna LeMarquand | Research Grants Officer

Grants and Awards Division | Research Services | University of Calgary

Phone: 403.220.2715 | E-mail: