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The University of Calgary is a comprehensive academic and research institution. We are an academy of students and faculty supported by staff, with a mission to discover new knowledge and translate our discoveries into applications that provide benefits to our society and global communities. To fulfill our mandate we require a diverse academy of scholars of the highest caliber.
It is the creation of new knowledge in all forms that distinguishes us as a research university, and our ability to engage students in discovery and innovation further distinguishes us among competing research universities. We are a comprehensive research institution that celebrates and rewards contributions from all disciplines and promotes interdisciplinary research to solve important problems.
Contributions from individual scholars are paramount for our success. We will support excellence in scholarship across the academy, and champion research priorities established by faculties. However, through the vision set out by Eyes High in 2011 and the lens of our Academic Plan, we have committed to increase our research impact in priority areas where we have recognized strength and leadership, where we can highly integrate teaching and research, where research outcomes and translation promote sustainability, where interdisciplinary contributions can lead to major advances, and where we can have the biggest impact on the communities we serve.
Our objective is not only to compete with the best universities ‘scholar-by-scholar’ or ‘program-by-program’, but also to differentiate our institution in the upper echelon of universities. Therefore, we seek the “strategic sweet spot” that aligns our areas of strength with areas of need locally, provincially, nationally and internationally where the University of Calgary can make a unique contribution.
To make that happen, we can no longer simply look internally to make decisions regarding our priorities. Paying attention to the needs of society and signals from governments in defining our priorities for discovery, creativity, and innovation positions us for success by fully engaging the communities we both serve and lead.
Our Research Plan identifies three major priorities:

  • Match our strengths with opportunities
  • Increase our research capacity
  • Create a dynamic research environment to promote research excellence

Download the 2016 Research Services Office Handbook.