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Eyes High Postdoctoral Scholars Competition

Submitted by mclean1 on Wed, 09/24/2014 - 9:50am

Eyes HighOur Eyes High strategic direction envisions the University of Calgary as a global intellectual hub. Both the Academic Plan and the Strategic Research Plan emphasize the importance of attracting new scholars to our academy, providing them with professional training opportunities, and ensuring successful research career trajectories in industry, academia, government, or non‐governmental organizations.

Postdoctoral scholars play a key role at our university. They come here with advanced skills and a research perspective developed at other leading institutions. Many come from beyond our borders and enrich the cultural diversity of our campus and community. During their tenure as postdoctoral scholars, they challenge our faculty to consider new research directions, mentor graduate students, and — because of the time they are able to dedicate to research — can have a significant impact on our shared goals of promoting discovery, creativity and innovation.

The Eyes High Postdoctoral Scholars Competition – Round 1 (2013) invested in 60 new positions, but actually netted 85 new postdoctoral scholars for a two-year term after leveraging from new external funding secured by the VPR. Round 2 (2014) invested in 50 new positions, and Round 3 (2015) will increase the number of high-quality postdoctoral scholars at the University of Calgary by an additional 50.


  • Postdoctoral scholars will be recruited predominantly, but not exclusively, in the areas of the six strategic research themes identified in the research plan.  Ten postdoctoral scholars will be recruited by new faculty members who have demonstrated research excellence and who will provide an excellent research environment and professional development opportunities for their postdoctoral scholars.
  • The scholars will represent new recruitment from outside the University of Calgary, not a replacement of existing scholars supported by research grants. Our goal is to increase our overall research capacity, not to trade-off sources of funding for personnel.
  • Scholars will be of the highest calibre with track records that would be competitive for national or international fellowships.
  • Scholars will be expected to participate in campus‐wide programs of professional development and submit an annual  progress report  to the Office of the Vice President Research.

Recruitment and Application Process

50 researchers have been invited to nominate a new scholar from outside the University of Calgary. Once they select a candidate, they will submit a nomination package to the Office of the Vice President Research. Interested candidates should contact researchers directly.

The nomination package should  include:

  • The Curriculum Vitae of the nominee; 
  • A two-page proposal describing the research, how it aligns with our research priorities and will achieve our Eyes High strategic vision;
  • A one-page letter from the supervisor describing the professional development program to be offered to the nominee and the potential contributions of the nominee to training and learning;
  • Two letters of recommendation for the nominee.

Once the nomination package is reviewed and the proposed scholar is approved, a two-year position is offered with an expected start date in late 2015 or early 2016.

Postdoc Office

Read more about Postdoctoral Scholars at the University of Calgary, or contact the Postdoc Office for more information. 

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