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Appointment Procedures


 Project Appointments

Postdocs are appointed via the Human Resources PeopleSoft Template Based Hire process.  For information on this process and job aids to assist you please see: 


 Project Appointment Revisions

Extensions should be initiated approximately one month before the appointment end date to ensure there is no disruption in pay and extended health benefits.

 The new end date of the appointment cannot extend beyond:

    •  The work permit/SIN expiry date unless a receipt showing that a work permit extension has been submitted to CIC is sent to  Information on work permit extensions (click here).  
    • The end date on the project / fellowship
    • The 5th year post-PhD degree
    • Two years of funding on NSERC funds
    • Three years of funding on CIHR funds


 Project Appointment Termination

 Termination before the end date

Termination of the postdoctoral appointment before the end date in the system requires written notification of sufficient and reasonable advance notice. Please contact the postdoc office ( for details.  The procedure for termination before the end date requires:

    • A copy of the postdoc resignation letter sent to
    • Completion  a job termination request  through the Manager Self-Serve menu by the reports to manager.  The job aid can be found HERE.
    • Submission of a termination checklist as outline above.

In the event of early departure of a PDF holding an external fellowship, the awarding agency must be notified immediately, and all remaining funds (both stipend and research allowance) are to be returned to the agency.


 Leave of Absence (unpaid)

The Time Off Request Form is to be completed and sent to  Please indicate in the comments box whether Plan C benefits will continue.