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Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus) 2015 Observations

Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus) 2015 Observations

Followers of the University of Calgary peregrine falcon family were rewarded by their return as of Mar. 25th. 'Talons crossed', as we say here, that all goes well again this year. For ALL pics current and over the years, pls. refer to: 'more birds' link above.

Both adults have 2 bands each on either talon. Thanks to 'eneri', both adults have been i.d.'d. Callie's U2 band i.d. confirmed on March 30th, and Gary, who is: 3/6 VV, March 31st. Great job there!!

A 'live chat' option appears attached to the YouTube link below for those who wish to participate in discussions and activities.

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  • As of March 25th (at least?): an adult falcon was sighted on the ledge - approx. 4pm. local time (reported by 'spl', and 'CBL', and confirmed by Elli)
  • March 29: 2nd adult arrives on ledge, approx. 3 pm local time. (thanks to various chatters for conf.) 2nd is a male.
  • April 15/16: 1st egg confirmed by Irene. 
  • April 18: 2nd egg conf. by 'bird singer' (long-time chatter). 
  • April 20: 3rd egg arrived as predicted today. Thanks to Irene (again) - arr. at 2:40pm.
  • April 23rd: 4th egg reported around 8:20 am loc. time (thanks to Irene again). This should be 'it' for the brood.
  • May 24: 1st hatchling (approx. 9am) AND 2nd appear (approx. 3:30pm). pics to follow (and via more birds link)- thanks 'birdsinger'
  • May 26: 3rd egg hatched 'early' today - appears last one is a 'dud' (infertile). Triplets doing very nicely so far.
  • June 18: banding of 3 male chicks. All are in great shape. 
  • July 2nd: 1st fledgling leaves the ledge about 11am loc. time (thanks Megan!)
  • July 3rd: 2nd fledgling takes flight about 10:30am (also, thanks Megan/Irene)
  • July 4th (in honour of U.S. friends) - 3rd fledgling left about 10:30am loc. time. (thanks Frank/Megan)
  • July 4/5th? - 3rd fledgling seemed to get caught up in hailstorm and crash-landed on ground, but found later and returned to roof.

As of last 'rescue' report (above), all fledglings have been sighted on occasion and fly-bys are being made by adults and 'kids' around ledge area and onto ledge. Best times appear to be 'luck' and early morning. Thanks to all observers and screen-grab photographers.

For any downed or injured fledglings found on campus or if in dangerous location, pls. call Campus Security or contacts below: 

Any interesting or important observations by/of the peregrines can be reported to: Warren Fitch, Irene Wade, or myself. Contact: Warren Fitch (, Irene Wade (, or myself, Elli ( I continue to update remotely as I can.

Here is an 'alternative' direct link to the live feed: