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Welcome to the Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus) Home Page 2014

'callie' (?) - ledge arrival on April 2nd      'callie' (?) - ledge arrival on April 2nd (pic courtesy of 'gf')

Another year at the University of Calgary, another potentially promising season with the arrival of the first peregrine falcon on March 31st, 2014. It was spotted (no i.d. made yet) on its 'usual' vantage spot, the west-facing top roof area of Social Sciences. 

  • March 31: first sighting of adult falcon (gender unknown at this time)
  • April 2nd: first sighting confirmed with arrival of falcon on ledge (thanks to 'lotus' - chat site member)
  • April 12: Both falcons viewed on ledge, with female 'fixing up' the scrape for egg-laying future
  • April 15: i.d. made via leg band, confirming it is 'Callie' long-time resident female (courtesy of 'birdsinger')

Judy Powell and Irene Wade were able to both confirm the arrival on March 31st. 

Two adults have been seen participating in usual courting activities, with the male (no i.d. made yet) bringing food to the female, and our female spending time in the scrape and fussing about. 

falcon mates sharing prey (duck?) - brought by male on Apr. 22nd (screen grab pic by 'Richard')falcon mates sharing prey (duck?) - brought by male on Apr. 22nd (screen grab pic by 'Richard')

For more close-up pics of the birds and scrape area, pls. refer to 'more birds' link above.

falcon couple inspect their home (thanks to 'ghent' for screen grab)falcon couple inspect their home (thanks to 'ghent' for screen grab)

The livestream cam is up and running, so pls. refer to the above link: live video - for ledge action.

I am hoping to support this page at my remote location, and if any observations are to be reported, please contact Warren Fitch (, Irene Wade (, or myself (


Elli Jilek

Here are some short 'movies' sent Apr. 22nd, courtesy of 'yelloweyes' (chatter):