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Peace Research

Peace Studies as a field of research, is interdisciplinary by nature. Consider, for example, the requirements of a healthy human community. For that community to be at a peace, it requires the fulfillment of basic human needs; a sustainable social and economic structure; an understanding of human and environmental health; coping mechanisms for conflict resolution at the individual, community, and outside levels; an equitable justice system; and a means of communicating and community decision-making. Understanding these nuances and making them a reality requires research from Social Scientists, Humanities scholars, Scientists, Engineers, Social Workers, Medical Professionals, Law and Justice scholars, and Governance experts. The goals of Peace Studies cannot be achieved by scholars in isolation. Peace Studies is a participatory discipline, which means its research-related work involves peace enthusiasts, peace workers, those who have suffered from the absence of peace, and community workers. It also means that academics and students involved in Peace Studies research take their theories and findings to the general community, working to implement their research at the community level. Peace Studies requires more than research to achieve its vision, it requires community participation, community education and practical community-building.

The Consortium for Peace Studies (CPS) funds two research fellowships annually:

  1. University of Calgary Research Fellowship in Peace Studies;

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