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Jorg Ostrowski

Bio of Jorg Ostrowski:

Jorg Ostrowski is a graduate architect with a B. Architecture degree from the University of Toronto (1973), and a M. Architecture A.S. degree from MIT (1975) with a GPA of 4.9/5.0. He has been in private practice for several decades specializing in design, building and consulting of real-world green buildings, sustainable development, recoCity redevelopment, historic preservation, brownfield regeneration and EcoPlus projects. 

He is president of several firms, including ASH-Autonomous and Sustainable Housing Inc,. and ACE-Alternative and Conservation Energies Incs., based in Calgary Alberta Canada.

He has done a few large scale projects and many smaller projects. He was the first consultant hired in 1973 to plan the regeneration of the 40 ha Toronto waterfront (now called Harbourfront). Most of his original plans have been implemented. He provided a new vision for 424,000 ha of Puerto Princesa, the largest city in the Philippines. He is pursuing plans for an interprovincial BioSphere and Trail of recofitted historic buildings in south China, as shown on History Channel's video called Hakka Tulous. His newest initiative is noted below.

His work has received public recognition through 6 awards, 130 articles (worldwide), 22 reports, 60 conference papers, 20 TV/Radio interviews, 300 partnerships, 5-demonstration projects and about 200,000 visitors. 

He plans to bring his experience, expertise, goodwill and natural capital to his newest and biggest project, - the transcontinental RecoFit of historic caravanserai along the ancient Silk Road, from Iran to China, to honour and build upon, promote and perpetuate, the "safe havens" of yesterday, and convert them into modern institutes of sustainable peace and international cooperation, human dignity and respect, cosmopolitan understanding, multicultural gatherings and events, foreign exchange and trade, cultural expression and local celebration, scholarly research and applied learning, as a dynamic symbol of a paradigm shift from war to peace with roads and bridges between the west and the east. 

B) Dr. Arthur Clark Research Fellowship in Global Citizenship:

            PROJECT: a new Silk Road of Peace: a paradigm shift from war to peace 

We have a talented international team of architectural and planning professionals in Canada, Iran and China, working to recycle parts of the ancient Silk Road starting in Iran, into a modern and sustainable Road to Peace between the west and east, through faithful historical preservation and sustainable redevelopment of caravanserai for local people, communities and economies, and also international visitors, ecotourists, scholars and students, as possible future Unesco World Heritage Sites. 

We plan to start with rural areas and eventually move into the cities.

Our vision is to build a chain of satellite institutes with partner universities, governments, NGOs and industries, for the study and research, seminars and workshops, application and promotion of: 

            • international peace and cooperation

            • ecotourism and "hands-on" practicums

            • poverty alleviation through economic diversity, progress and prosperity in poor rural areas   

            • sunrise cottage industries and micro-credit loans

            • appropriate technology, energy and resource conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy

            • desertification and water conservation (including reclamation, waterworks, cisterns, kariz/ghanats, ice pits, etc.)

            • ancient archaeology and vernacular architecture (including fire temples, towers of silence, ziggurats, citadels, wind catchers, astronomical towers, etc.) 

            • earth construction (rammed earth, adobe)

            • astronomy, both ancient and modern 

            • multi-purpose gardens/oasis/medicinal landscaping

We are keen to work with other experts and partners, to save, preserve and then recofit (ecological retrofit) a few caravanserai along the old Silk Road starting in Iran, as part of our international peace initiative and transcontinental demonstration project. 


Jörg Ostrowski, M. Arch. A.S. (MIT), B. Arch. (Toronto), 

ACE-Alternative & Conservation Energies Inc.

ASH-Autonomous & Sustainable Housing Inc.

9211 Scurfield Dr. NW, Calgary Alberta T3L 1V9 


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