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The Consortium for Peace Studies (CPS) works on an academic platform that defines  and explores Peace Studies in various contexts that examine why war, violence and conflict have played such a large part in human history, and seeks to use new understanding to find new ways that promote healthy global communities through peace, non-violence and conflict resolution. Research examines ways to prevent new conflict, transform emerging conflict, and end existing conflict with the long-term goal of attaining sustainable peace. Peace Studies is a unique interdisciplinary program with explicit values and a dedication to participatory scholarship.  The core of Peace Studies is the belief that peace is a possible and desirable state for humanity, both at an individual and at a global level. Peace Studies regards war and violent conflict as detracting from human security and prosperity. It does not ignore the realities of war, conflict or violence in our present world, nor does it pretend that achieving peace at any level is easy. The research identifies and debates paths to peace at all levels with the goal of finding patterns of conflict resolution and avenues of sustainable peace.

The CPS is currently involved in four academic programs: a Summer Institute in Peacebuilding, the development of a post-graduate certificate program, a research associate program and  editorship of Global Peace Studies Series through Athabasca University Press :

1. 2014 CPS Summer Institute in Peacebuilding and Social Justice;
2. PDCL Certificate/Diploma in Peace and Conflict Studies
3. CPS Research Associate Program
4. Global Peace Studies (GPS) by Athabasca University Press.

 What is Peace Studies? Peace studies is an interdisciplinary field encompassing the humanities, the Social Sciences, Social Work, Law and the medical and nursing faculties. Researchers are concerned with war and peace, human security and meeting basic human needs, violence and nonviolence, conflict and conflict resolution, and preventing violent conflict. Research takes place at all levels, from the macro-level examining international peace work, to the micro-level examining internal conflict and peace in the individual. Research is centred around the philosophy that peace is difficult - but possible.

Where are there Academic Centres for Peace Studies in Canada? Peace Studies is a broad discipline in its infancy, yet over the past decade strong research and education programs have been developed across the world - we regularly communicate with programs in Australia, Europe and the United States. Here is a short list, by no means complete, of prominent Peace Studies Programs in Canada:

  • McMaster University: offers a minor and an honours degree in Peace Studies, and a Centre for Peace Studies focusing on research-based programs in "Peace through Health" and Peace Education in post-conflict zones.
  • Royal Roads University: offers a MA through the school of Peace Studies and Conflict Management.
  • University of Manitoba – PhD in Peace and Conflict Studies at the Arthur V. Mauro Centre for Peace and Justice
  • University of Manitoba and University of Winnipeg – Joint MA in Peace and Conflict Studies

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