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Distinguished alumnus promotes
good heart health in seniors

June 9, 2005

World-renowned heart expert Dr. D. George Wyse, an active teacher, researcher and practitioner with the University of Calgary, will talk to seniors about how to improve their heart health at the Kerby Centre on Thursday, June 9, 2005. The media is invited to attend a briefing at 2 pm, and the talk at 2:15 pm.

Dr. Wyse, the U of C’s recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award this year, will focus on helping seniors better understand what they can do to maintain healthy hearts – even if they are currently receiving or have received treatment for heart conditions. Dr. Wyse will also take questions from the audience.

The event, part of Senior’s Week, is co-sponsored by the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Dr. Wyse, MD’74, is a professor in the Faculty of Medicine’s Department of Cardiac Sciences. By the time he entered medical school at the U of C, he was already an accomplished scientist (having earned a master’s and PhD in pharmacology). He held an appointment as an adjunct assistant professor in pharmacology while he earned his medical degree.

One of Dr. Wyse’s most outstanding achievements has been as the principal investigator on a study of atrial fibrillation (the most common cardiac arrhythmia requiring treatment), which changed the way physicians around the world now treat the condition. “Dr. Wyse strives as a tireless advocate for the advancement of medical science,” says Franciscus van der Hoorn, associate dean, Graduate Science Education in the Faculty of Medicine.

Dr. Wyse will receive his Distinguished Alumni Award on June 10 at the Arch Awards. That event is being held at the Hyatt Hotel, and begins at 7 pm.

Heart expert talks to seniors about maintaining healthy hearts. Q and A follows.

Dr. D. George Wyse, Distinguished Alumni Award recipient for 2005

Thursday, June 9, 2005 at 2 pm

Board Room, Kerby Centre, 1133 – 7th Ave. S.W. Calgary.

For more media information, contact: Viki Bennett (403) 220 2702 or (403) 589 799.2

For more information on the Arch Awards, please contact Dean Brawn, Past President of the Alumni Association (403) 899-7082.


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