University of Calgary



Rainforest Archaeology

·       Archaeological Site Formation in Rain Forests

·       Forager-farmer interaction, Democratic Republic of Congo

·       The early settlement of the Ituri Forest

·       The Role of African Rainforests in Human Evolution and Dispersal

·       Eight Hundred-Year-Old Human Remains From Democratic Republic of Congo

·       Characterisation of Ancient and Modern Pottery from Ituri, D.R. Congo

·       Later Stone Age Assemblages from Democratic Republic of Congo

·       The nature of ‘stone-lines’ in Equatorial Guinea

·       The Middle Stone Age occupation of Atlantic Central Africa

·       The Paleolithic settlement of Rainforests

·       The Eastern Periphery of the Yoruba Cultural Sphere


Primate Archaeology

·       Excavation of a Chimpanzee Stone Tool Site

·       4,300-Year-old chimpanzee sites

·       Primate archaeology


Woodland Archaeology

·       Ngalue Cave: A Middle Stone Age site along the Niassa Rift, Mozambique


·       Phytoliths from Archaeological Sites in the Democratic Republic of Congo

·       Phytoliths in woody plants from the Miombo woodlands of Mozambique

·       Poaceae phytoliths from the Niassa Rift, Mozambique

·       Soil phytoliths from miombo woodlands in Mozambique

Starch Analysis

·       Mozambican Grass Seed Consumption During the Middle Stone Age

·       Middle Stone Age starch acquisition in the Niassa Rift, Mozambique