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ICCI*CC 2011 Keynotes


1. Songs to Syntax: Cognition, Combinatorial Computation, and the Origin of Language.

    Prof. Robert C. Berwick, MIT, USA [PDF]

Prof.  Robert C. Berwick

2. Cognitive Dynamic Systems: An Integrative Field that will be a Hallmark of the 21st Century.

    Prof. Simon Haykin, McMaster University, Canada [PDF]

Prof. Simon Haykin

3. Centricity and Perception-based Perspective of Architectures of Granular Computing.

    Prof. Witold Pedrycz,University of Alberta, Canada [PDF]

Prof. Witold Pedrycz

4. On Inference Algebra: A Formal Means for Machine Reasoning and Cognitive Computing.

    Prof. Yingxu Wang,University of Calgary, Canada [PDF]

Prof. Yingxu Wang

5. It’s Time for Multiscale Analysis and Synthesis in Cognitive Systems.

    Prof. Witold Kinsner,University of Manitoba, Canada [PDF]

Prof. Witold Kinsner