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Mark Swain, MD

Professor, Department of Medicine M Swain

Acting Head, Division of Gastroenterology
Immunology and Gastrointestinal Research Group
AHFMR Scholar
Office: 4AA20 Health Research and Innovation Centre
Office Phone: 403-220-7118
Fax: 403-210-9146


Curriculum Vitae

MD, Queen's University
MSc, Queen's University

Research Interestss

My basic research interests encompass two areas directly related to liver disease.

Firstly, I am examining the crosstalk between the liver and brain in experimental liver disease, specifically examining the changes in central neurotransmission which occur in liver disease and which contribute to the generation of liver disease associated symptoms including fatigue, lethargy, anorexia, depression, and the acute phase response.

Secondly, I am studying novel roles played by chemokines and cytokines in the inflammatory response within the liver during experimental T cell mediated hepatitis.



D'Mello C, Swain MG. Liver-Brain inflammation axis.  Am J Physiol [on line publication]

Swain MG. Hepatic NKT cells: friend or foe? Clin Sci (Lond) 114(7): 457-66, 2008

Swain MG.  Gastrin-releasing peptide and pruritus: more than just scratching the surface. J Heptatol 48(4): 681-96, 2008

Novak K, Swain MG. Role of methotrexate in the treatment of chronic cholestatis disorders. Clin Liver Dis 12(1): 81-96, 2008.

Nguyen H, Wang H, Le T, Ho W, Sharkey KA, Swain MG. Downregulated hypothalamine 5-HT3 receptor expression and exhanced 5-HT3 receptor antagonist-mediated improvement in fatigue-like behaviour in cholestatic rats. Neurogastroenterol Motil 20(3): 228-25, 2008.

Kaplan GG, Heitman SJ, Hilsden RJ, Urbanski S, Myers RP, Lee SS, Burak KW, Swain M, Pannacione R. Population-based analysis of practices and costs of surveillance for colonic dysplasia in patients with primary schlerosing cholangitis and colitis. Inflamm Bowel Dis 13(11): 1401-7, 2007.

Ajuebor MN, Wondimu Z, Hogaboam CM, Le T, Proudfoot AE, Swain MG. CCR5 deficiency drives enhanced natural killer cell trafficking to and activation within the liver in murine T cell-mediated hepatitis. Am J Pathol 170(6): 1975-88, 2007.

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Administrative Assistant
Joyce Maloney
Phone: 403.220.7118

Alison Coles
Phone: 403.592.5010