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The University of Calgary Eco Club is committed to reducing the environmental impacts of students and faculty members within the U of C. Our mission is to promote peaceful education and consistent advocacy of reducing our community's negative impact on the earth. 

Are you passionate about the environment? Are you looking to make a difference in our community? Do you have any great ideas on lowering our carbon footprint on campus? Then come on board, and join the team!

For more information on current events, please check the University of Calgary's Eco Club Facebook Page

If you’re interested in applying for a Executive position then just send a short paragraph (no more than 10 sentences) describing why you are the best candidate for the position to . Best of luck to all those that apply! I would also like to personally thank everyone that was involved with the Eco Club this year! Whether you helped run events, plan events, or attended the events, your dedication to promoting a sustainable campus and an environmentally conscious student body is truly inspiring. I hope that next year the Eco Club events will become even bigger, bolder, and louder! Thank you again and I hope to see everyone at the end of the year social!