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Oligonucleotide Synthesis (DNA and RNA)

The UCDNA Services DNA/RNA Synthesis Laboratory is a multi-user core facility which specializes in modified oligonucleotides and RNA, as well as conventional, low-cost, high-throughput DNA oligonucleotides.Our expertise in synthesis is based upon the research background of the facility director, Professor Richard T. Pon, who was an early pioneer in the development of automated oligonucleotide synthesis and RNA chemistry.  Our highly trained staff has over 100 years of cummulative experience in oligonucleotide synthesis and analysis and can synthesize the complex oligonucleotides that most commercial companies prefer to avoid.

Wide Range of Synthesis and Purification Options

  • Low cost, high-throughput DNA synthesis in 96-well plate format (50 nmol scale) of oligonucleotides using a Mermade 192 synthesizer
  • Column based DNA and RNA synthesis (0.2, 1, and 15 micromole scales) of oligonucleotides containing up to eight types of bases on an Applied Biosystems 394 synthesizer
  • Column based DNA and RNA synthesis (50 nmol to 1 micromole scale) of oligonucleotides containing up to twelve types of bases on MerMade 12 synthesizers
  • Synthesis of DNA oligonucleotides up to ~120 bases long (50-200 nmol scales)
  • Synthesis of RNA oligonucleotides up to ~50 bases long (0.2 to 1 micromole scales)
  • Inclusion of a wide range of modified labels and bases, including 2'-O-methyl and 2'-O-fluoro RNA
  • Purification by preparative gel electrophoresis (PAGE)