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Automated DNA Sequencing

DNA Sequencing Specialists Since 1992

Our user fees for Sanger (capillary) DNA sequencing services have been changed to more closely reflect the cost of the consumables required. Effective, July 1, 2015 our most common economy sequencing service is now $6 per sample. The volume discounts previously offered to large sequencing projects have been discontinued since our lowest prices now apply to everyone.

The University of Calgary Genetic Analysis laboratory offers automated DNA sequencing and a wide range of other fragment analysis services.  These services are performed using an Applied Biosystems 3730xl (96 capillary) genetic analyzer. Sample submission, tracking and data storage/retrieval is managed though a dnaLIMS system (

We accept external samples from a large number of external academic (including hospital and government labs) and corporate researchers. As of July 2012, we are extending the same pricing to external and commercial users. Please contact our staff  for more information. 

Economy DNA Sequencing Service

Our most popular service is "premixed" or economy DNA sequencing. Users are required to submit their samples in a single tube containing both the template and the primer.  Sequencing results are available in less than 24 hours on our dnaLIMS.

Full Service DNA Sequencing

Full service DNA sequencing is suitable for researchers who are new to sequencing with only a few samples or for difficult templates requiring special handling. Templates are submitted separately and we will quantitate them and set-up the sequencing reactions. Stock universal sequencing primers are added by our laboratory. Custom sequencing primers need to be provided. Results are available the next day if the samples are received before 1 PM.  

Next-Generation DNA Sequencing (Massively-parallel)

A full range of DNA-seq and RNA-seq services are available through the Centre for Health Genomics and Informatics which is co-located in the same sequencing laboratory. See the ACHRI website for more information on these services. Major instrumentation available includes the Illumina NextSeq 500, Illumina MiSeq, Ion Torrent PGM, and Oxford Nanopore Technologies MinION sequencers.

Data Distribution

Sequencing results are automatically uploaded to our dnaLIMS system as soon as the data acquisition is complete and users are automatically notified by e-mail (24/7). Automatically generated results are manually reviewed and reposted by ~ 2-3 PM on the afternoon of the next working day. Results on the dnaLIMS are available as text (*.seq) and chromatogram (*. ab1) files. The dnaLIMS has built-in viewers for sequence trace (*.ab1) and fragment analysis (*.fsa) files. Users are also encouraged to obtain either Applied Biosystems' Sequence Scanner (for Windows) or Geospiza's FinchTV (for Mac or Windows PCs) trace viewing software, which are available as free downloads. These are more powerful tools for working with your data. 

Click on to go directly to the dnaLIMS (userid and password required).

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