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Interested in student wellness and contributing to a supportive campus community? We have student volunteers for Peer Listeners, Peer Engagers, and Wellness, Health & Awareness Team (W.H.A.T.) and Nomads.

Our volunteer positions

Peer Engagers

Peer Engagers focus on connecting with the student population by providing opportunities to increase support, build connection, and reduce isolation. This is achieved through weekly social activities and informal conversations. Peer Engagers serve as Campus Community Hub “Hub Hosts” for social activities within the Hub, as event planners for social outreach into the campus community, and as advocates for Wellness Centre and Hub program awareness outreach.

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Peer Listeners

Peer Listeners provide supportive listening to students wanting to connect with other students, or who are seeking support for personal and/or academic concerns. Peer Listeners utilize empathy and active listening skills, and provide students with information about additional resources as needed. Peer Listeners work in pairs in a private setting near Student Wellness Services in MacEwan Student Centre to allow for small group or one-to-one connection with students.

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Wellness & Health Awareness Team

Are you passionate about health and wellness? We can offer you a fun, flexible and meaningful opportunity to get involved on campus and have an impact on the health and wellbeing of other students. Develop your personal and professional skills, participate in training opportunities on topics like sexual health, mental health, nutrition and physical activity, and gain practical skills in public speaking, communication and event planning.

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Nomads: International Graduate Student Peer Support

Help foster relationships and promote activities that connect students through sharing, learning and teaching. Provide opportunities for connection on campus to help reduce isolation and increase wellness through engagement and conversation.

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