The Inquiring Mind

The Inquiring Mind aims to increase awareness of mental health, reduce the stigma of mental illnesses and offer support to maintain positive mental health and increase resiliency.

Mental health workshop for undergrads

Help create a supportive environment, strengthen the campus culture, and contribute to a healthy campus with the Inquiring Mind.

In this training, you'll learn to:

  • Recognize signs and indicators in yourself and others.
  • Reduce stigma and negative attitudes.
  • Support friends and peers with mental health problems.
  • Maintain your own mental health and improve your resilience.

About the program

Student Wellness Services have been working with the Mental Health Commission of Canada to deliver The Inquiring Mind Program at the University of Calgary.

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Upcoming Sessions

In Fall 2020, Student Wellness Services will be offering the Inquiring Mind online via Zoom.

Training is 4 hours total, and will be divided into two sessions (Part 1 & Part 2). Participants must attend both Part 1 & Part 2 in order to complete the training and receive a certificate from the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

Session 1:

Dates: Friday September 25 (Part 1) 
            Friday October 2 (Part 2)
Time:  1:00pm-3:00pm MST

Click here to register for session 1 

Session 2:

Dates: Tuesday November 24 (Part 1)
            Tuesday December 1   (Part 2)
Time:   3:30pm-5:30pm MST

*Online registration will open for session 2 approximately 4 weeks prior to the start date