Undergraduate Sustainability Opportunities

Undergraduate Sustainability Education

Become a sustainability leader.

The conversation in many industries has shifted from 'if' you should adopt sustainable practices to 'how' you can implement them. It's the responsibility of students to equip themselves with the knowledge outside their core discipline to tackle sustainability issues, and the Certificate in Sustainability Studies Program offers that foundation.

Calvin Ng

2018 Certificate in Sustainability Studies Graduate

Sustainable Systems Engineering (BSc)

Sustainable systems engineering is a technical, transdisciplinary field focusing on how to design, integrate, and manage complex systems over their life cycles, with a goal of environmental, economic, and social sustainability. The program focuses on sustainably engineered systems and integrates material from a number of engineering disciplines (civil, chemical, mechanical, geomatics, software and electrical), as well as science, indigenous studies, agriculture, and business.
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Certificate in Sustainability Studies

The Certificate in Sustainability Studies is based on an innovative experiential learning model that you can easily add to most undergraduate degrees at no cost. UCalgary is a leader among Canadian universities with this new method for sustainability education. We provide you with the thinking and problem-solving skillset needed for sustainability leadership, research, education, policy, and planning.

Certificate in Sustainability Studies

Uganda Field School

UCalgary Sustainability Studies is excited to invite you on an engaging interdisciplinary group study program that will engage the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to challenge western ideologies of development and your role as a global citizen. You will be immersed in Ugandan communities to begin to understand the daily and ongoing challenges from the local to the global, and you will be inspired by their resilience and innovation.

Through the lens of Ubuntu: the Bantu work and life philosophy that is relationship-oriented and strives for communal solidarity, students will engage with and learn from local community leaders, organizations and businesses as they work towards the common goal of true sustainable community development.


Environmental Science Program (BSc)

The Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science produces graduates who can critically and objectively address potential or actual environmental issues of all kinds. The program emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach to understanding environmental issues facing society while providing each student with expertise in one of six concentrations.

Environmental Science Program

Engineering, Energy and Environment Minor (BSc)

The energy and environment specialization – administered by CEERE – is offered exclusively to engineering students at the University of Calgary’s Schulich School of Engineering. The specialization is completed in parallel with one of five Bachelor of Science degrees in chemical, civil, electrical, geomatics or mechanical engineering. Students are trained in their engineering discipline of choice while gaining interdisciplinary knowledge about the direct and indirect environmental impacts of energy-related activities.

Solar House

Embedded Certificate in Entrepreneurial Thinking

The embedded certificate in Entrepreneurial Thinking provides undergraduate students from degree paths across the UCalgary campus with an entrepreneurial thinking toolkit. Entrepreneurial thinking extends far beyond starting a new business. It’s an approach. It’s a way of thinking. It’s a way of creating value for others, inspiring change, finding solutions and achieving goals.


Embedded Certificate in Leadership Studies

Leadership is a key component in any organization, role and industry. Available to all University of Calgary undergraduate students, the embedded certificate in Leadership Studies gives undergraduate students the opportunity to explore the foundations of leadership and build the necessary skills to succeed as a leader. By adding this six-course embedded certificate, students will supplement the technical knowledge gained through their current program with tangible leadership skills.


Certificate in Mental Wellbeing and Resilience

A unique program that explores mental health from multiple perspectives and in various modalities, the certificate is designed with flexibility and diversity in mind. Participants will receive individualized and interdisciplinary learning both in and outside the classroom.

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