Campus as a Learning Lab

What is Campus as a Learning Lab?

Campus as a Learning Lab (CLL) is an innovative University of Calgary initiative with a focus on experiential learning and fostering a campus culture rooted in sustainability. Learning labs enable campuses to be active environments for teaching and learning, while enabling the co-production of knowledge and increasing the ability of an institution to contribute to sustainability challenges. Through CLL, the University of Calgary is using its campus as a lab to test and model innovative sustainability practices, leveraging its research, academic and operations functions.

I didn't know much about how my office is heated and cooled. Through CLL, I connected with the Office of Sustainability and Facilities Management to understand campus HVAC systems and collect real-life data, allowing me and my students to research campus building energy consumption. I'm thankful for the CLL program for this collaboration.

Simon Li

Assistant Professor, Dept of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Chair, Design Engineering

CLL is a great initiative and has facilitated collaboration with Ancillary Services and Office of Sustainability at the University of Calgary. I believe every member of our university community should think of possible projects and help to make our campus a better place to work and study.

Dr. Saeid Saidi

Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering

“By participating in, CLL I was able to investigate sustainability-related practices and conduct applied research. This was a meaningful experience for me, as the results from our project will benefit not only the UCalgary community but the City of Calgary as well.

Hassan Kamkar

Graduate student, Schulich School of Engineering

Discover Campus as a Learning Lab

Discover Campus as a Learning Lab