Report Misconduct

The Student Conduct Office investigates and adjudicates alleged student misconduct that violates the Student Non-Academic Misconduct Policy, the Harassment Policy and/or the Sexual Violence Policy.

Reporting Student Non-Academic Misconduct

Information provided in reports, including the name of the person reporting, may be provided to the student against whom the allegation is made. Submission of a false or frivolous report may result in disciplinary action.

If you have any questions, please contact the Student Conduct Office (403.210.6300) or Campus Security (403.220.5333).

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Who can report an incident?

Any member of the university community (student, staff and faculty) who has observed, or been subject to, an alleged incident of Student Non-Academic Misconduct can report an incident.


After reporting - our next steps

When you report an alleged incident of Student Non-Academic Misconduct, there are a few possible courses of action:

Notifiy the complainant

The Student Conduct Office will notify the complainant within ten business days of receipt of a complaint as to the status of the complaint (see 4.6 of the Student Non-Academic Misconduct Procedures)

Discuss the concern

If the complaint does not constitute misconduct as outlined in the Student Non-Academic Misconduct Policy or the relevant university policy, a staff member from the Student Conduct Office will discuss the concern with the complainant, including determining if possible solutions exist outside of the Student Non-Academic Misconduct Procedure

Proceed to the investigation

If the complaint proceeds to investigation and hearing, the respondent will be provided a written Notice of Hearing that outlines all evidence to be discussed, and will be invited to attend a hearing to respond to the allegation.

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