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The Student Non-Academic Misconduct Procedure seeks to facilitate student learning and development, foster interpersonal competence, and support accountability and resolution in student conduct matters.

Hearing Information

A Student Conduct Hearing involves the student, the Hearing Officer or Hearing Board, as well as an advisor, if the student chooses to bring an advisor. Students are encouraged to seek advice from the Student Ombuds Office in matters related to student non-academic misconduct.

Notice of Hearing

Every student who is allegedly involved in Student Non-Academic Misconduct will receive a Notice of Hearing that includes:

  • A proposed date of the hearing, including notice of the right to reschedule within reasonable time frames
  • A description of the alleged prohibited conduct
  • A summary of pertinent evidence regarding the alleged prohibited conduct
  • Information about how to access a copy of the Student Non-Academic Misconduct Policy

Opportunity for your voice to be heard

The Student Non-Academic Misconduct Procedure is bound by principles of procedural fairness and natural justice. The Student Conduct Hearing provides the involved student an opportunity to present information regarding the alleged prohibited conduct.

If you choose not to participate in the hearing, the Hearing Officer or Hearing Board will make a decision with the available information.

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Choosing an advisor

Students may bring an advisor to their hearing to act as a support person. The advisor does not represent the student, and is not considered a party to the hearing.


Student Ombuds Office

Student Ombuds Office acts as a resource to students who are alleged of non-academic misconduct. The Student Ombuds is available to offer advice and coaching for students entering the student conduct process. At the request of a student, the Student Ombuds may also attend the Hearing to provide support. The Student Ombuds may also assist in preparing an appeal.


Graduate Students' Association

The Graduate Students' Association Vice-President Academic is an elected representative of the graduate student population. The GSA VP Academic is available to support graduate students reported in violation of the policy and can accompany students to student conduct hearings.


Students' Union

Representatives from the Students' Union are available to assist undergraduate students and to accompany students to student conduct hearings.

Who is an advisor?

an advisor

An advisor is typically a member of the campus community, and may include:

An advisor is typically a member of the campus community, and may include:

  • Student Ombuds
  • A representative of the Students’ Union or Graduate Students’ Association
  • A Student and Enrolment Services Peer Helper

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