A student who receives a decision outlining the outcome of a hearing and any assigned sanctions may choose to appeal the decision.

Appeal Process

Decisions of the Hearing Officer or Hearing Board may be appealed to the Appeal Board within ten (10) business days of receiving the decision. Students are encouraged to consult with the Student Ombuds for support in submitting an appeal. Appeals relating to a decision regarding student non-academic misconduct will follow the appeals process outlined in Student Appeals to the University Appeals Committee and the University Appeals Tribunal.

A student may appeal the decision of the Hearing Officer or Hearing Board on any of the following bases:

  • relevant new information has arisen that could not have been presented earlier and that may have otherwise affected the decision being appealed;
  • the decision being appealed was made in a procedurally unfair way;
  • there was reasonable apprehension of bias on the part of a person who made the decision being appealed;
  • the decision maker did not have the authority to make the decision or to impose the sanctions;
  • the decision, or the severity of the sanction, or both, is unreasonable; or
  • any other ground.

Note: You may not appeal a decision simply because you are dissatisfied with the imposed sanction(s).

To file an appeal, a student (appellant) must submit a document containing the following information to the University Student Appeals Office on or before 11:59 PM (MT) on the tenth (10th) business day after receiving the document setting out the decision they wish to appeal:

  1. The appellant’s UCID number;
  2. A copy of the decision being appealed and all related documentation;
  3. All grounds of appeal, with supporting evidence;
  4. The desired outcome the appellant is requesting;
  5. Whether the appellant would prefer not to have a student sit on the University Appeals Committee panel;
  6. Whether the appellant would prefer a written or oral appeal hearing;
  7. Whether the appellant requires accommodation or any special consideration regarding their participation in the appeal process and appeal hearing, and, if so, what is being requested and why; AND
  8. A statement that all evidence and documentation provided by the appellant in the appeal is true and accurate.

The University Student Appeals Office is in the process of developing an online portal for students to use when submitting an appeal.  In the interim, please click on the "Submit My Appeal" button on the home page of the University Student Appeals Office Website for access to the Student Appeal Submission Form.  Appeals must be submitted to the University Student Appeals Office at before your appeal deadline, and must include the completed Student Appeals Submission Form, your appeal submission and all attachments.

  • Students may be accompanied by an advisor (as defined in the University Appeals Committee Procedure)
  • Rules of evidence required in civil and criminal proceedings shall not apply
  • The hearing will be closed (not open to the public) and will be kept confidential by members of the Appeal Board.

If necessary, an appeal may be adjourned to ensure that essential information can be obtained. If an appeal has been adjourned, it will be reconvened within five (5) business days.

The student will be provided with written notice of the outcome of the appeal within five (5) business days of the decision being reached.

For more information on submitting an appeal, consult the Student Misconduct and Academic Appeals Policy.

Final Appeals

UCalgary Campus

Decisions of the Appeal Board are subject to appeal to the Board of Governors as provided for in the Post-Secondary Learning Act. The procedure for an appeal to the Board of Governors are determined by the Board of Governors.