Student Conduct Office

The Student Conduct Office works with all members of the campus community to provide confidential advice and referrals, resolve alleged student non-academic misconduct, and facilitate training on navigating and resolving various forms of conflict.

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Our Focus

We focus on student education and development and the promotion of a safe and caring campus community.


The Student Non-Academic Misconduct Policy, the Harassment Policy and the Sexual Violence Policy define and describe what is considered non-academic misconduct on our campus.

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The Student Non-Academic Misconduct Procedures define the procedures that will be followed by the Student Conduct Office. 

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Conflict Management Support

Our office has a variety of resources, training, and informal supports to help campus community member experiencing conflict.

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We offer a variety of workshops that help participants be proactive and help those around them, online and off.

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Student Conduct Office Infographic

This infographic is a brief overview of the conduct process.

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Have questions about non-academic misconduct? Quickly find answers to commonly asked questions or contact us if you have any questions.

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