Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is a core value of the University of Calgary. At UCalgary, academic integrity is a commitment to, and the demonstration of, honest and responsible scholarship. Maintaining academic integrity while earning your degree represents your true academic accomplishments.

Academic Integrity

Have questions about academic integrity at UCalgary?

Academic integrity is more than just plagiarism. Download our student handbook to learn more about academic integrity or email us if you have any questions!

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Lee-Ann Penaluna
Coordinator, Academic Integrity Programs

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Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning

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Attend one of our interactive workshops to help build your citation skills and learn how to appropriately collaborate with your peers. 


Plagiarism and Strategies to Avoid It

Are you worried about unintentionally plagiarising? This workshop will define plagiarism, explain the differences between quoting, summarising and paraphrasing the work of others and will provide you with a number of strategies for using sources effectively in your own academic writing.

Academic Integrity: Collaborating with Peers

Students are tasked with working collaboratively in courses, yet are also required to submit individual assignments whilst in group-work situations. Understanding the subtle differences between learning collaboratively with other students and ensuring that you are submitting work that fairly demonstrates your own competence is important to your success in university.

Academic Integrity: Online Learning

Taking exams and quizzes online, participating in online discussion forums and the increased use of social media platforms all provide opportunities for unintentional academic misconduct to take place when learning online. This workshop explores a range of potential academic misconduct scenarios that students may encounter.

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Have questions about academic integrity?

Join this free, self-guided D2L course to improve your understanding of academic integrity and learn how to avoid plagiarism, unauthorized assistance and more during your studies.

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Enrolled in online courses this term? If you're unfamiliar with online learning, we're here to help. Learn more about Academic Integrity in online learning.

More resources

Student Academic Misconduct Policy and Procedure

We’re a diverse community and your interpretation of academic integrity may be different from your peers, depending on where you’re from and/or what institution(s) you previously attended. It’s vital for you to understand what academic integrity means at the UCalgary and how to ensure you uphold it. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the Student Academic Misconduct Policy and Procedure.

Support for staff and faculty

Instructor-requested workshops

Highlight and encourage academic integrity with your students by integrating a bespoke academic integrity workshop into your course. Workshops can be tailored to your specific requirements and can range from 15 minutes to 90 minutes.

Instructors can email to request a workshop.

Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning

Instructors and TAs can access a variety of webinars and articles to learn how they can support students, get strategies for detecting and preventing violations, and promote academic integrity in their courses. 

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