Fire Prevention

Environment, Health and Safety offers Fire Safety Training

Fires can happen anywhere at anytime and have a devastating impact on the university including people and physical resources such as labs, offices, library collections, classroom space, all of which are critical elements of our mission as a research and teaching institution.

The Alberta Fire Code and Occupational Health and Safety legislation requires us to have an emergency response plan for any event or operations that may require evacuation or rescue of staff, students, or visitors. Staff and students are required to be familiar with the plan and know their responsibilities with respect to the prevention of fires and what to do when there is a fire. Supervisors are responsible for providing this information and ensuring the workplace is kept up to university safety standards according to university policies and procedures and applicable legislation.

Key Elements of the Fire Prevention Program

  • Fire safety inspections - University of Calgary will work with the Calgary Fire Department during inspections with an eye to emergency escape routes, accumulations of combustible material and legislative compliance.
  • The implementation of an assembly point system designed to accommodate evacuated populations during time of emergency, collect relevant information, and protect them from the elements.
  • Fire education and training. 
  • Plan review and design consultation.
  • Fire investigation in conjunction with the Calgary Fire Department.
  • The Hot Work and Dust Program is designed to ensure all work on campus that generates heat, smoke or dust is properly supervised to prevent false fire alarms and unnecessary business interruptions.
  • The Special Events Program is designed to assist those scheduling and hosting the many and varied events across campus with answers and suggestions to commonly asked questions.