Health and Safety Meeting Resources

In addition to incorporating health and safety as a regular agenda item at faculty/departmental/unit meetings, including safety moments at the beginning of your meetings provide a quick and easy way to discuss safety issues or topics. Safety Moments are brief discussions on a safety-related topic. These two-to-three minute talks reinforce safety knowledge and promote a positive safety culture. To assist the university community, we are building this as a repository of safety moment topics.

  1. Air Quality Index

    The Air Quality Health Index (AQHI)1 from Environment Canada is a tool to help protect Canadians from the harmful effects of air pollution.

  2. Barbeque Safety

    Summer is fast approaching and that means firing up the barbeque and enjoying time with friends and family in the backyard, learn how to avoid accidents.

  3. Distracted Driving

    Driver distraction is one of the leading causes of traffic accidents. The use of cellular devices while driving is becoming an increasingly large factor in collisions.

  4. Electrical Safety Devices

    Working with electricity has become a vital part of our everyday lives. Knowing how an electrical safety device works and what it protects is critical.

  5. Office Safety

    Many people are injured in offices each year even though we do not normally think of offices as hazardous places. Know how to recognize office hazards.

  6. OHS Policy and Your Responsibilities

    All university employees have legal university-defined responsibilities under the OHS policy.

  7. Stair and Handrail Safety

    Each of us uses stairs every day whether at home or at work. We are so used to it that we don’t think of the potential hazards.

  8. UC Emergency Mobile App Alertus

    UC Emergency Mobile App Alertus is the first line of communication used in the event of a serious event affecting the university.

  9. Drowning Prevention

    Almost five-hundred Canadians drown each year, being the second leading cause of preventable death.

  10. Winter Tires

    As winter approaches some people may wonder – what is the difference between all season and winter tires for their vehicles?

  11. Winter Walking

    Snow and ice on campus can present a greater risk of slips, trips and falls. Practice safe winter walking to help you stay on your feet this winter.

Meeting Minute Templates

The following meeting minute templates have been developed to guide managers and supervisors document their meetings. The templates may be used as they are or may be modified to meet the specific needs of the faculty/department/unit. Meeting minutes are to be retained in the OHSMS Department Manual under Health and Safety Committee and Records for a minimum of three years.

Template One


Template Two


Template Three


Hazard Alerts

Hazard Alerts are an informational safety tool developed by EHS to document and share hazards across the university. The alerts are designed to capture real incidents, root causes, and provide recommendations to prevent recurrences.

University-wide Hazard Alerts

Back Strain Injuries

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Navigating Safely Around Campus

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Reporting Near Misses

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Slip on Spilled Ice

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Laboratory Hazard Alerts

Splash Scald

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Needlestick with Biohazard

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Biohazard Contamination

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Heat Gun Fire

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Fire in Waste Container

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Hydrogen Gas

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Back Injury caused by Improper Lifting

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Back Injury caused by Incorrect Wheels

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Chemical Spill

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Biohazard Splash

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Time-sensitive Chemicals

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