Vice-Provost (Planning and Resource Allocation)

Bruce Evelyn 

Bruce Evelyn accepted the position of vice-provost (planning and resource allocation) in July 2008. In this role, he plays a key role in supporting the provost to align resources with the institution’s academic mandate.

Evelyn's guidance has resulted in many significant changes, including greater integration of academic and research priorities into institutional planning processes.

Previously, he worked for the Government of the Northwest Territories in the areas of financial and capital planning. In this capacity, he was also responsible for a capital program that involved the construction and development of schools, libraries and cultural facilities, and the creation of a post-secondary learning network in communities across northern Canada.

Bruce also led a number of strategic initiatives aimed at improving the N.W.T. school system, strengthening adult and post-secondary programming, protecting the income security system, creating a ministry of employment and labour, and redefining the mandate of the NWT Housing Corporation.

Bruce has demonstrated a commitment to working with people to lead change, advance organizational goals and objectives, and achieve results.

Direct Reporting Units

  • The Office of Institutional Analysis provides information, analysis and services that foster and support effective and informed decision making, policy formulation and planning at the University of Calgary

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Support the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) in his role as Chief Planning Officer and Chief Budgeting Officer at the University of Calgary
  • Primary resource for the co-ordination of all institutional planning
  • Responsible for creating and implementing processes and systems to integrate various kinds of planning activities into comprehensive institutional plans
  • Liaise with all units (academic, research, administration, service) to coordinate and integrate planning efforts to achieve consistency in planning methodologies and communication of goals, targets and performance measurement, and share information and ideas to ensure informed decision-making at all levels in the organization
  • Establish and oversee a network that gathers, summarizes and analyzes operational, environmental, financial, and demographic data provided by multiple sources (e.g., Office of Institutional Analysis, Campus Planning, Campus Infrastructure, Human Resources, Research Services and Trust Accounting, Financial Services, the Office of the Registrar, the Development Office, government) to support the decision-making needs of the University of Calgary
  • Ensure broad institutional perspectives are considered in plans/proposals developed by all units (academic, research, service and support) and that both peer-to-peer and pan-institutional impacts of unit plans are considered and understood when executive decisions are made
  • Support the academic, research, administration and service units with their planning activities, including the development and communication of goals, targets and performance measures
  • Integrate and align unit planning activities into comprehensive institutional plans
  • Ensure broad institutional perspectives are considered in plans/proposals developed by the various units
  • Analyze and report on the impact of environmental factors on the institution (e.g., government funding levels, inflation, enrolment levels, investment results, research growth, inter-institutional co-operation and competition)
  • Share information and ideas to ensure informed decision-making at all levels in the organization
  • Act as a resource to the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and Senior Leadership Team (SLT) by communicating the level of risk associated with and the costs/benefits of opportunities presented to these groups
  • Draft institutional policies necessary to establish guidelines and standardized methods for planning and project management
  • Draft key planning documents and support senior executive in presenting these plans to the appropriate University or governmental bodies for approval
  • Take lead responsibility for co-ordination and development of the four-year business plan and annual report
  • Ensure that planning documents present consistent and clear messages to all stakeholders, both internal to the university and those representing external interests in the community and government

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Bruce Evelyn