Course Feedback Implementation Working Group

Updating UCalgary's core survey questions

In 2018, UCalgary embarked on a process to overhaul the course feedback system. The USRI Working Group developed a recommendation report, which includes 43 recommendations for overhauling the course feedback system, including making updates to the six core questions asked across to all students.  

From this work, the Course Feedback Implementation Working Group (CFIWG) was organized in 2022 and has been consulting on new questions to bring to the campus community. The new course survey questions aim to help students make meaningful adjustments to the quality of teaching and learning at UCalgary. 

The revised questions will undergo feedback and consultation through the UCalgary community, before proceeding to the General Faculties Council (GFC) for review and approval. Questions would be piloted in 2024 with students before being formally implemented. Other changes to the course surveys include shifting to a new platform, Explorance Blue, over the course of the next year and a half.  

Proposed draft survey name: UCalgary Course Experience Survey

Proposed new questions to replace the USRI

I felt welcomed and included in the course environment.

I understood what was expected of me as a student in this course.

I received feedback during the course that contributed to my learning.

I was provided opportunity through the course assessments to demonstrate my learning.

Please provide additional context for any of your answers above.

All questions on this scale: Strongly Agree / Agree / Uncertain / Disagree / Strongly Disagree

How We Got Here

Infographic of work to date

Course Feedback Implementation Working Group

Leslie Reid (Chair)

Administrative Co-Chair
Vice Provost, Teaching and Learning (ex officio)

Nicole Wyatt

Academic Co-Chair
Faculty of Arts

Brianne Burkinshaw

Academic staff representative
Faculty of Science

Ermia Rezaei-Afsah

Student representative
SU Vice President Student Life

To be confirmed

Graduate student representative

Fouzia Usman

Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning representative

Erin Spring

Academic staff representative
Werklund School of Education

Wendy Benoit

Academic staff representative
Faculty of Science

Sandra Amin

Student representative
SU Vice President Academic

Kirsten Neprily

Graduate student representative
GSA Vice President Academic

Jackie Lambert

Office of Institutional Analysis representative

Aruna Srivastava

Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion representative

Justine Wheeler

TUCFA representative

To be confirmed

Office of Indigenous Engagement representative