Essentials of Practice


Essentials of Practice


Department Heads/Equivalents, Associate Deans, Deans, Emerging Leaders 

Format of Program:

In person, facilitated workshops with up to 25 participants

Frequency of offering:

One full series of workshops during the year

Completion Requirement:

Participation in full day workshop

Registration Link:

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About this Program:

The Essentials of Practice program provides Faculty/Department and Unit leaders with practical learning opportunities to master critical elements of their work as an academic leader. This program, designed specifically around the roles of Department Heads/Equivalents and Associate Deans, offers opportunities to learn about the University of Calgary’s processes and the soft skills which are necessary to be successful in academic leadership roles.

Workshops are offered on the following topics and are offered in conjunction with other units on campus:

  • Preparing for the Merit Assessment Process: How to craft assessment letters and handle meetings with Faculty members.
  • Workload Allocation: Tools and Techniques
  • The Art of Delegation
  • People Management 101
  • Navigating Difficult Conversations
  • Developing a Culture of Collegiality
  • Budgeting Basics
  • Managing Student Issues
  • Campus Resources for the Academic Leader
  • Working Effectively with an Assistant
  • A Coach approach to Leading
  • Running Great Meetings
  • Timetabling: the Art & Science
  • The Gift of Feedback