About ALA

ALA was founded in 2012 under the direction of the Office of the Provost.  There was recognition that many academic staff are appointed to leadership roles without having had the benefit of any formal leadership training or experience.

In 2012 ALA developed a leadership development program, affectionately and unofficially called “Deans’ School” for Deans and Vice-Deans. Since then, many additional programs, workshops, resources and events have been developed for leaders at all different levels of the university.

A formal review of ALA was concluded in 2018, resulting in the continuance of many programs with enhancements. In response, additional programming elements have been added.

The Provost is the sponsor and champion of ALA and it is managed and led by Karen Chown, Director of Academic Leadership & Organizational Effectiveness. The Academic Leadership Academy Advisory Committee is comprised of academic leaders across the university and provides valuable advice, support and guidance to the development of the programming.

Over 50 workshops are offered during the course of a year on a variety of leadership topics for different audiences. 

Contact us at ala@ucalgary.ca to learn more or provide us with feedback.