History of Medicine Days (HMD)

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History of Medicine Days 2022

31st Annual Conference

March 25th & 26th, 2022

Attend our national, two day, virtual conference where medical, health care, history and literature students present talks and/or posters on medical history virtually


Free to register for FRIDAY, MARCH 25, 2022 - 9AM Mountain Time (US/Canada) start: https://ucalgary.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJYqceqhqD0uGdDNFON4s_gRcOxlMZN8KT0b

Free to register for SATURDAY, MARCH 26, 2022 - 9AM Mountain Time (US/Canada) start: https://ucalgary.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJAkc-urrTsoE9Ul9LyM1VNHNl46csaB1o-e

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I received my PhD in medieval history from Harvard University under supervision from David Herlihy. I have taught at Wesleyan University, Brandeis, and the University of Glasgow with visiting appointments at Brown University, the University of California at Berkeley, Antwerp University, L’Università degli studi di Milano (where I was the first “Federico Chabod Visiting Professor”), and Aarhus University, scheduled for May 2022. I am a fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, an Honorary Fellow of the Institute for Advanced Studies, Edinburgh, and an Honorary Professorial Fellow at the University of Edinburgh. Since 1995, I have been Professor of Medieval History at the University of Glasgow.

From the late 1990s, I have taught and published on two broad themes: popular insurrection in medieval and early modern Europe and the history of plague and other diseases from antiquity to the present. These publications include The Black Death Transformed: Disease and Culture in Early Renaissance Europe (Oxford University Press, 2002); Lust for Liberty: The politics of Social Revolt in Medieval Europe, 1200-1425 (Harvard University Press, 2006); Cultures of Plague: Medical Thinking at the End of the Renaissance (Oxford University Press, 2010); Popular Protest in Late Medieval English Towns (Cambridge University Press, 2013); Epidemics: Hate & Compassion from the Plague of Athens to AIDS (Oxford University Press, 2018); Paradoxes of Inequality in Renaissance Italy, Cambridge Elements: The Renaissance (Cambridge University Press, 2021); and Popular Protest and Ideals of Democracy in Late Renaissance Italy, which appeared on 30 December 2021

KEYNOTE ADDRESS – MARCH 25, 2022 – 11:30AM (MST)

‘Epidemics’ Socio-psychological Side Effects from Plagues of the Fifth-century BCE to Covid-19’

This talk challenges a dominant hypothesis in the historiography of diseases: that epidemics across time and space spur hatred and blame towards ‘the other’ and victims of disease and that these tendencies were more profound the more mysterious the disease and the less efficacious the medical cures. I will instead chart the rich and variegated history of epidemics’ sociopsychological side effects, arguing that over the past two-and-a-half millennia impulses towards compassion have more often prevailed over acts of violence and blame. This was especially true with epidemics from antiquity into the early nineteenth century, despite one colossal exception, the Black Death in certain regions of Europe, 1348 to 1351. From this history, certain characteristics of diseases appear to have led more readily to social conflict and hatred. However, even with these diseases, the targets of blame were not universally marginal populations or the victims of disease. The paper ends by briefly posing a model of diseases’ proclivities for hate or compassion and how our present pandemic may or may not fit this long historical framework.


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