MacEwan Hall

Address: 424 Collegiate Blvd NW   
Building abbreviation: MH
Building number: 10

CJSW Radio is one of Calgary’s only independent media outlets and is Calgary’s only campus & community radio station. The station broadcasts programs about law, music, feminism, literature, cinema, and mental health to name a few. CJSW Radio is an avenue for volunteers to find an outlet for their voice, ideas and academic interests.

CJSW Radio

What's inside?

MacEwan Conference and Event Centre


The Gauntlet

CJSW Radio

Building Construction

Completion Date

September 1967

Main Contractor

Foundation Company of Canada Ltd.

Lead Consultants

Architect: Stevenson Raines Barret et al
Structural: Underwood McLellan
Mechanical: Stevenson Raines Barret et al
Electrical: Stevenson Raines Barret et al