Growth Through Focus Strategy

Past Speakers in The Calgary History of Medicine Society

Dr. Fedir Razumenko

"Towards a Historical Evaluation of Patient-oriented Research in Canada: how the past informs the present changing the future" (24.01.2022)

Dr. Alan Martino

"Is The Past Behind Us?: Examples of Newgenics Practices Experienced by Disabled People"  (9.02.2022)

Dr. Samuel K. Cohn (University of Glasgow, UK):

“‘Epidemics’ Socio-Psychological Side Effects from Plagues of the Fifth-Century BCE to  Covid-19” (25.03.2022)

Anzo Nguyen, Jessica Revington, Pauline McDonaugh-Hull

"AMF/Hannah Trainee Lectures in the History of Medicine"  (25.04.2022)

Dr. Erika Dyck (University of Saskatchewan)

"Psychedelic Psychiatry: Medical Experimentation, Psychoactivity and Drugs in Canada"   (3.10.2022)

• Dr. Stephen Pow

"The Global Challenge of Cholera in the Nineteenth Century and the Question of Pre-1817  Accounts of Cholera" (24.10.2022)

• Mr. Pedro Falk, PhD Candidate

"Images of Death: Suicide in Photographs, Cartoons, Comics, and Illustrations in the  Brazilian Press (1890’s- 1940’s)" (21.11.2022)

Dr. Erna Kurbegovic, Dr. Frank W. Stahnisch & AUP Contributors

"Psychiatry and the Legacies of Eugenics -- Historical Studies of Alberta and Beyond" (18.01.2021)

Dr. Courtney Thompson

"An Organ of Murder: Crime, Violence, and Phrenology in Nineteenth-Century America" (22.02.2021)

• Dr. Geoffrey L. Hudson

"Defining & Treating the Suffering Elderly: War & the Origins of Geriatric Medicine in late 18th &  19th-century Britain" (18.03.2021 HMDs Conference)

Dr. Larry Zeidman

"Brain Science Under the Swastika: Ethical Violations, Resistance and Victimization of Neuroscientists in Nazi Europe" (19.03.2021 HMDs Conference)

Anzo Nguyen, Jessica Revington, Pauline McDonagh Hull

"AMF/Hannah Student Lectures in the History of Medicine and Health Care" (19.04.2021)

• Dr. Elizabeth Neswald

"Urine sugar tests and self-testing in diabetes in the first half of the 20th century" (4.10.2021)

• Dr. Amy Whipple

"Patient Complaints in Britain’s National Health Service, 1948 – 1965: What Can They Tell Us  About the General Practitioner Service?" (22.11.2021)

• Drs. Lampard, Hogan, Wright, & Stahnisch – Moderator: Dr. Lockyer

"Creating the Future of Health: The History of the Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary, 1967-2012" (22.11.2021)

Frank W. Stahnisch, PhD (University of Calgary):

"A New Field in Mind – A History of Interdisciplinarity in the Early Brain Sciences" (24.02.2020) 

Proceedings of the Calgary History of Medicine Society

Frank W. Stahnisch, Diana Mansell, Patricia Doyle-Baker, and David Monteyne:

"Bedside and Community – 50 Years of Contributions to the Health of Albertans by the University of Calgary" (25.02.2020)

Nancy E. Hansen, PhD (University of Manitoba):

"The Eugenic Pandemic Disability 2020: Is History Repeating Itself?" (21.09.2020)

Manal Sheikh & Max Lazar (University of Calgary):

"Ye Olde Quarantine: The Black Death to COVID19" (19.10.2020)

Shelley McKellar, PhD (Western University):

"The Decision to Cut: Removing Hearts and Tonsils in the History of Surgery" (23.11.2020)

• Erna Kurbegovic University of Calgary
"The Great and Only Solution: Support and Opposition to Sexual Sterilization in Alberta and Manitoba" (28.01.2019)

• Dr. Stéphane Perreault Red Deer College
“Teaching the History of Health and Healing” (30.09.2019)

• Dr. Jamil Kassam University of Calgary
“The Relevance of Ibn-Sina’s Canon Medicinae on Modern Medicine” (21.10.2019)

• Krystal Marlier, M.A. University of Calgary
Manic Depressive Insanity: a historical perspective” (18.11.2019)

• Dr. Fedir Razumenko University of Calgary
Cancer Clinical Trials in Canada and the Ethics of Human Dignity Framework, 1971-2000” (09.12.2019)


•  Dr. Robert Lampard MD, Msc(Surg), MBA, University of Calgary
"Consolidation and growth in the Cummings Faculty of Medicine, under the second Dean Dr. Lionel E. McLeod (1973-1981)" (22.01.2018)

• Dr. David Hogan University of Calgary
"The UofC Faculty of Medicine under Dean Smith" (22.02.2018)

• Dr. Thomas Söderqvist University of Kopenhagen, Denmark
"Triangulating autobiography, nostalgia and the history of contemporary medicine as a path to graceful ageing" (02.03.2018)

• Dr. Bob Brain UBC, Vancouver
"19th century relationships between neurophysiology and art" (05.03.2018)

• Dr. Mary-Ellen Kelm SFU, Burnaby, BC
"Paradigm Shift: Health researchers consider Culture Change and Health in Indigenous communities" (26.03.2018)

• Reyes Bertolin Cebrian, PhD University of Calgary
"Sport Injuries in Ancient Greece" (24.09.2018)

• Dr. Gordon Fick University of Calgary
"The Work and Life of Sir Ronald Aylmer Fisher (1890 -1962) " (23.01.2017)

• Dr. Lesley Bolton University of Calgary
"The Ancient Gynaecology and Theory in Muscio’s Texts " (27.02.2017)

• Dr. Paul Weindling Oxford Brookes University , Oxford, United Kingdom
"German -speaking Émigré Physicians and Scientists in Britain during the Nazi Period" (18.03.2017)

• Eric Vlaminck Brussells, Belgium
"The psychiatric family foster care in the city of Geel, Belgium" (24.05.2017)

• Dr. Norman Schachar Department of Surgery, University of Calgary
"The Department: A Surgeons Memories, Before I Forget!" (25.09.2017)
Youtube link mentioned in presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5cANKRzWgs

• Dr. Jessica Tannenbaum University of Calgary
"An Analysis of the Dissection Protocols from the Flossenbuerg Concentration Camp, 1944-1945" (23.10.2017)

• Dr. Paula Michaels Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
"Wars Begin in the Minds of Men: Psychiatry and the Antinuclear Movement" (14.11.2017)

• Dr. Paula Michaels Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
"Natural Childbirth's Cold War History" (17.11.2017)

• Dr. Ian M. Clarke University of Calgary
"Norman Bethune – The Making of a Hero" (11.12.2017)

• Mr. Mikkel Dack, PhD Candidate University of Calgary (History)
"The De-Nazification Questionnaires of Doctors and Scientists after WWII" (25.01.2016)

• Dr. Jim Wright University of Calgary (Pathology)
"Glory Enough for All?: The Roles of Banting, Best, Collip, Macleod, Nobel, McCormick, and Canadian Fish in the Discovery of Insulin" (22.02.2016)

• Dr. Fernando Vidal University of Barcelona, Spain (History)
"Issues with Modern Personhood, the Disorders of Consciousness and the Locked-in Syndrome" (11.03.2016)

• Dr. Amber Porter University of Calgary
"Empathy, Compassion and Medical Ethics in the Greco -Roman World " (26.09.2016)

• Dr. Diana Mansell University of Calgary
"The History of Nursing Interview and Film Collection at the U of C" (24.10.2016)

• Dr. Bob Lampard Red Deer
"Dr. Bill Cochrane and the Establish- ment of the U of C Faculty of Medicine" (21.11.2016)

• Dr. Matthew Oram University of Calgary
"The Trials of Psychedelic Therapy: LSD Psychotherapy in the United States, 1949 -1976" (12.12.2016)

• Dr. Edward Shorter Hannah Professor, History of Medicine, University of Toronto
"Down in the dumps? It’s history rather than biology that has messed up" (9.02.2015)

• Dr. Peter TwohigCRC in Atlantic History, St. Mary’s University, Halifax, NS
"The Search for the Most Suitable ‘Worker’Renegotiating Health Care Work, 1950-1970" (6.03.2015)

• Dr. Frank Stahnisch, PhD AMF/Hannah Professorship in the History of Medicine, University of Calgary
"Sebastian K. Littmann (1931–1986): A Pioneering Advocate of Family and Community Psychiatry in North America" (13.03.2015)

• Dr. Aleksandra Loewenau, PhD Community Health Sciences, University of Calgary
"Sterilization/Castration Experiments on Jewish Inmates at Auschwitz-Birkenau" (21.09.2015)

• Dr. Aleksandra Loewenau 
"Out of the Ashes (2003)" Lecture/Film Screening (26.10.2015)

• Dr. Frank Stahnisch, PhD
"German-American 'Holist Neurologist' Kurt Goldstein (1878-1965) -- Pioneer of Clinical Cerebral Localization and 'Father' of Modern Aphasiology and Neurorehabilitation" (9.11.2015)

• Dr. Jaqueline Claude Romney, PhD University of British Columbia
"Doctors in the Nazi Concentration Camps" (07.12.2015)

• Dr. Manuel Hulliger, PhD (Professor, Department of Clinical Neuroscience)
"The Edwin Smith papyrus and the first reported cases of aphasia after frontotemporal brain injury" (20.1.2014)

• Dr. Man-Chiu Poon (Professor, MD, FRCPC, University of Calgary) and Dr. Robert Card (MD, FRCPC, University of Saskatchewan) 
"History of Haemophilia Care in Canada: Triumph and Tragedy" (24.2.2014)

• Dr. Thomas Schlich, James McGill (Professor in the History of Medicine, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec)
"Examining the History of Medical Practices: Styles and Skills in Surgery, 1800-1920s" (7.3.2014)

• student presentations from the Calgary History of Medicine and Health Care Program
"Alberta Medical Foundation / Hannah Student Presentations" (7.4.2014)

• Dr. Ignacio Salvati
"The Ophthalmoscope - A History" (15.9.2014)

• Drs. Benneweis, Hannigan, Perry, Wright, and Stahnisch
"WWI History of War Medicine Panel" at "Perspectives Conference" in Lake Louise (25-28.10.2014)

• Dr. Anne Katzenberg, University of Calgary
"On the Relationship of Palaeopathology and the History of Medicine" (24.11.2014)

• Dr. Francine Michaud
"Recent Historiography and the Black Death in Medieval Europe" (15.12.2014)

• Dr. George Wyse, Al-Karim Walli, Barbara Kermode-Scott and Dr. Robert Lampard

"History of Cardiovascular Sciences in the City of Calgary and the Foothills Medical Centre" (21.1.2013)

• Rakefet Zalashik, PhD (The Goldstein-Goren Department of Jewish Thought, Ben-Gurion University, Israel & Mirowski Visiting Professor, College of Liberal Arts, Temple University, Philadelphia)

"Jewish Refugee Psychiatrists in Palestine: Conflicting Scientific Concepts and Ideas on Health and Disease" (4.2.2013)

• Buddha Basnyat, PhD (world specialist on high altitude medicine from Nepal)

"High Altitude Medicine and the Sino-Indian Border Conflict of 1962" (25.2.2013)

• Professor Ian Steele-Russell (Texas A&M University, Bryan, TX, USA)

"The Prussian Primate Research Station in Tenerife: its complex origins and remarkable achievements" (11.3.2013)

• Scott Belyea, BScH, MSc (Queen’s University, Research Assistant in Anatomy)

"A Grave Issue: Body Snatching in Nineteenth Century Kingston, Ontario" (16.9.2013)

• Douglas Shantz, PhD (Professor, Chair of Christian Thought, Dept. of Religious Studies, University of Calgary)

"Pietism and Suicide: The Illness and Suicide of Freiherr Georg Rudolph von Schweinitz (d. 1701), and the Pietist Response" (28.10.2013)

• Lesley Bolton (PhD Candidate, Dept of Greek and Roman Studies, University of Calgary)

"Soranus of Ephesus and his Major Theoretical and Practical Writings" (18.11.2013)

• George Colpitts, PhD (Associate Professor, Department of History, University of Calgary)

"Alcohol, Binge Drinking and Addiction in the Hudson’s Bay Company Fur Trade in the late 18th Century" (2.12.2013)

• David Monteyne, PhD (Associate Professor of History and Theory of Architecture, Faculty of EVDS, University of Calgary)

"Architectural History and the Modern Hospital" (16.01.2012)

• Theodore M. Brown, PhD (Professor of History and Medical Humanities, Rochester University, New York, United States)

"Henry Sigerist's Advocacy of Social Medicine and Universal Health Insurance in North America, 1932-1947" (09.03.2012)

• Robert A. Wilson, PhD, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (Professor of Philosophy, University of Alberta, Edmonton)

"Why Cognition Doesn't Stop at the Skull" (12.03.2012)

• Susan Lester, PhD (Associate Professor, Pathology; Harvard Medical School)

"John Collins Warren and the Warren Anatomical Museum: a 200 year history of its rise, fall, and rebirth" (17.9.2012)

• Cathy MacLean, PhD (Department of Family Medicine, University of Calgary); Anna Rebus (Research Historian, Dept of Family Medicine)

"Department of Family Medicine" (22.10.2012)

• Joaquin (Quim) Madrenas, PhD (Professor & Chairman, Dept of Microbiology & Immunology, McGill University)

"Infectious Music: how microbes have shaped our music" (29.11.2012)

Rainer Herrn, PhD (Assistant Professor in the History of Medicine - Institute for the History of Medicine, Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany)

"The Discipline of Sexology in Berlin during the Weimar Period, 1919-1933" (06.01.2011)

• Susan McMahon, PhD (Sessional Instructor in the History of Science, University of Calgary)

"'Pisse Prophets' to 'Physicians': Medical Practicioners in Mid-17th Century England" (28.02.2011)

George Weisz, PhD (Cotton-Hannah Chair in the History of Medicine - Department of Social Studies of Medicine, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec)

"The Reinvention of Chronic Disease in the 20th Century" (11.03.2011)

Margaret Lock, PhD (Marjorie Bronfman Professor in Social Studies in Medicine - Department of Social Studies of Medicine, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec)

"Facing Uncertainty: Who is Destined for Alzheimer's Disease?" (25.03.2011)

Alby Richards, PhD, MD Candidate; Ankur Goel, MD Candidate (Undergraduate Medical Education, University of Calgary, Alberta)

"Students Dissect Medical History" (18.04.2011)

Stephen Casper, PhD (Assistant Professor; History of Science, Humanities and Social Sciences Program, Clarkson University, Potsdam/New York)

"How Physicians Became Neurologists: The Case of Britain, 1800-2000" (15.06.2011)

James Wright, Jr., MA, MD, PhD (Professor and Head, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of Calgary)

"Surgical biopsy and the promotion of tumor metastases – an historical analysis of the concept, the controversy, and the animal studies which resolved the issue" (31.10.2011)

Chris Archer, PhD (Em. Professor & Immediate Past Director of the Latin American Research Centre, University of Calgary)

"Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1858) and Vomito Negro in the Great Yellow Fever Centres in Mexico" (14.11.2011)

Douglas Brown, PhD (Assoc. Prof. of Sport History & Associate Dean, Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Calgary)

"Excess in Moderation? Ancient Greek Medicine and its Ambivalence Towards High-Performance Sport" (12.12.2011)

David Hogan, MD PhD (Full Professor of Geriatric Medicine, Division of Geriatric Medicine & Department of Community Health Sciences, University of Calgary):

"Geriatrics in Canada - Long Gestation, Difficult Birth and Indifferent Health" (25.01.2010)

• Robert Lampard, MD (Former Director of the Foothills Medical Center; now Red Deer, Alberta):

"Alberta's Medical History: Young and Lusty and Full of Life" (22.02.2010)

Geertje Boschma, MA, MSN, PhD (Associate Professor, UBC School of Nursing, University of British Columbia in Vancouver):

"From a family and community point of view: Rethinking institutional mental health care in Alberta, 1905-1975" (12.03.2010)

Melanie Stapleton, MD, FRCP (Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Calgary)

"The Paradox of Plenty: conflict between agriculture and nutrition in modern medical history" (12.04.2010)

Robert Gordon, MD (Retired Clinical Associate Professor, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas)

"The History of Neurology Viewed through the Eyes of a Book Collector" (21.09.2010)

Lisa Petermann, PhD (Program Research Leader with the Health Promotion, Disease and Injury Prevention Portfolio of Alberta Health Services & Research Associate, History of Medicine and Helath Care, University of Calgary)

"From a Cough to a Coffin: The Child's Medical Experience in Britain and France, 1772-1884" (18.10.2010)

Ian Mitchell, MD (Full Professor of Paediatrics, University of Calgary)

"Care for Abandoned Children in 18th Century Britain - Forerunners of Children's Hospitals?" (22.11.2010)

Roberta Jackson, PhD (Instructor in the Department of English, University of Calgary)

"The Life and Times of W.H.R. Rivers, FRCP, FRS" (13.12.2010)

Erika Dyck, PhD (Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in the History of Medicine; History Department, University of Saskatchewan):

"Henry Sigerist, Socialized Medicine and Disgruntled Western Canadians: Historical Reflections on Canada's Healthcare System" (2.2.2009)

Garland E. Allan, PhD (Professor of the History of Biology; Department of Biology, Washington University in Saint Louis):

"Evolution, Genetics and Eugenics: The Misuse of Biological Theory, 1900-1945. Lessons from the Past" (6.3.2009)

Michael Bliss, PhD (Professor Emeritus; Department of History, University of Toronto):

"From Osler to Insulin: (Canada and) the Coming of Modern Medicine" (27.4.2009)

Stanley Finger, PhD (Professor Emeritus; Department of Psychology, Washington University in St. Louis):

"Electric Fish Therapeutics: A 'Shocking' History of 'Animal Electricity' in Modern Neuroscience" (18.9.2009)

J.C. Herbert Emery, PhD (Svare Professor of Health Economics; Department of Economics and Department of Community Health Sciences, University of Calgary):

"Un-American or Unnecessary? America's Rejection of Public Health Insurance in the Progressive Era" (26.10.2009)

Jim Wright, MD PhD (Professor of Pathology; Head of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of Calgary):

"Sir William Osler, Howard Kelly and the Roles in the Development of Techniques to Permit Covert Autopsies" (23.11.2009)

Mark Humphries, PhD (Assistant Professor of History, Department of Humanities, Mount Royal College, Calgary):

"Negotiating Shell Shock: The Relation between Military Medicine and First World War Neuropsychiatric Injuries" (14.12.2009)