Report an Incident

For imminent or life-threatening situations, call 911.

In situations where you feel unsafe call Campus Security at 403.220.5333.

The Senior Protected Disclosure Advisor and Protected Disclosure and Research Integrity Advisor are available to all members of the university community and serve as confidential resources. They are the central point of contact for Protected Disclosure and Research Integrity. You can report a concern in one of the following ways:

Submit a Protected Disclosure Allegation

Contact to submit a Protected Disclosure Allegation

Phone ConfidenceLine

Dial 1.800.661.9675 (Available 24/7) to anonymously report a wrongdoing.


A Protected Disclosure should include the following:

  • the nature of the activity giving rise to the complaint
  • a description of all parties involved
  • any potential financial interests and rewards
  • possible violations of law or University policy
  • any other information useful in evaluating the Protected Disclosure

You can submit a Protected Disclosure anonymously; however, this may limit the ability of the University to respond and investigate. 

To make a report of harassment please see the Harassment Policy and refer to section 4.9 Reporting Harassment to University.

Individuals who have been subjected to, or become aware of harassment and wish to make a complaint may contact:

Sexual violence is any unwanted sexual attention or act against someone without their freely given consent. If you think you have experienced sexual violence, believe someone you know may have experienced sexual violence or wish to know more about prevention of sexual violence, visit the Sexual Violence Support website.

As outlined in the Code of Conduct, Employees, Academic Staff Members, Appointees, Students and Volunteer Appointees may disclose known or suspected Wrongdoing to the Protected Disclosure Advisor or an independent party in accordance with the Procedure for Protected Disclosure.

Contact the Protected Disclosure and Research Integrity Office for any concerns in relation to breaches of Research Integrity. For more information refer to Research Integrity Policy and Investigating Breach of Research Integrity.