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Policies and Procedures

More information on University of Calgary policies and procedures related to Protected Disclosures and Research Integrity can be found on this page.

Here is the list of relevant policies and procedures.

"This policy is a fundamental element in creating and sustaining a safer campus environment for all community members. It is an important step in identifying how we respond to incidents of sexual violence, including supports available to those who have experienced or witnessed sexual violence, or those who are alleged to have committed sexual violence. It provides clear response procedures and timelines, defines complex concepts, and addresses incidents that occur off-campus in certain circumstances." Dr. Dru Marshall, Provost and Vice-President (Academic)

This procedure outlines the process by which individuals may make a Protected Disclosure. If you have questions about this procedure, please contact Protected Disclosure Advisor Shirley Voyna Wilson at

The purpose of this policy is to promote integrity in research, ensure compliance with applicable law, ensure that research is conducted in accordance with the university's expectations for ethical conduct, and promote an awareness of research ethics within the university community. 

The purpose of this procedure is to outline the process by which an allegation of a breach of the Research Integrity Policy is investigated. 

The purpose of this policy is to enhance awareness of the rights and responsibilities of individuals subjected to, or who become aware of, harassment. 

The university's mission of teaching, research and service to community requires a shared commitment to the core values of the university as well as a commitment to conduct university activities ethically. The purpose of this policy is to communicate the university's expectations with respect to the behaviour of employees, academic staff members, students, postdoctoral scholars and appointees. 

This policy communicates the university's expectations with respect to student behaviour, protects the safety and security of the university community, and preserves the orderly operations of the university. 

The purpose of this policy is to ensure appropriate use of the electronic communications system, and reduce the risk of loss, corruption, and mismanagement of, or unauthorized access to information. 

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that workers understand that Workplace Violence is considered to be a serious offence and will not be tolerated, those subjected to Workplace Violence have access to assistance in order to pursue a complaint, and those subjected to or aware of Workplace Violence are advised of available recourse.