At the University of Calgary, we believe you

You are not alone. We are here to help.

UCalgary is committed to creating a safe and inclusive campus environment - for everyone.

By learning about sexual violence, contributing to the conversation and supporting survivors, we can all play a role in preventing and addressing sexual violence on campus and in our community. 


What is sexual violence?

Sexual violence doesn't always look the way you think. It includes any act of violence based on someone's biological sex or gender identity, from sexually explicit jokes to sexism, stalking, sexual harassment and sexual assault. 

Sexual violence is a violation of the fundamental human right to safety and bodily autonomy. As a form of gender-based violence, it is rooted in systemic and structural inequality and social dynamics of power and oppression. 

Sexual violence is a public health problem that has far reaching impacts and causes significant trauma for the physical, mental, emotional and sexual health of individuals and communities. 

Every survivor has the right to be treated with dignity and respect and not to be discriminated against based on gender identity or expression, age, race or ethnicity, ability or any other identity factor. 


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