Diverse Qualifications

The Diverse Qualifications Admission Process is designed for students who have achieved excellence outside of academics, or who have overcome significant hardships. Diverse Qualifications is available to students who are Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents.

How do I apply under this process if I am a high school or transfer student?

Step One

As a new applicant, you must apply for admission using the online application at how to apply. You must indicate that you’re applying under the Diverse Qualifications Admission Process in the “Additional Information” section at the end of the form.

When prompted, you’ll need to add contact information for two references you’d like to put forward to support your application. Your references will be contacted by email to provide information on your behalf.*

Step Two

You must complete a personal profile that outlines your special circumstances, personal achievements, and educational goals. You can download the personal profile form by clicking here.

You can upload your personal profile via the upload link under Admissions in your MyUCalgary Student Centre.

The deadline to submit your personal profile and letters of reference is March 15.

*Please note: If you change your referee(s) after submitting your initial application, you must send an email to apchange@ucalgary.ca by March 1 indicating the new referee(s) name and contact information. All references must be completed by March 15th. Your references should be respected community members who are both familiar with your situation and able to support the information contained in your personal profile. Examples include (but are not limited to) teachers, coaches, physicians, counselors, religious leaders and community organization representatives. Friends and family are not acceptable references.

Important notes about this process

Admission under the Diverse Qualifications Process is only available for your first choice program and is not available in the following programs:

  • The bachelor of health sciences (BHSc) program offered by the Faculty of Medicine
  • Honours programs
  • Refer to the requirements of your specific faculty if you’re applying to either the juris doctor program offered by the Faculty of Law, or the doctor of medicine program offered by the Faculty of Medicine

Submitting the required information and documents doesn’t guarantee admission to the university. Admission decisions made under the Diverse Qualifications Process are final and cannot be appealed.

Diverse qualification admission decisions are normally made between May 1 and June 30.

The university may admit up to 1% of our undergraduate students under this process on an annual basis.

If you are applying under the Diverse Qualifications Process as a result of being impacted by sexual violence, please note that we have dedicated sexual violence support on campus. We recommend that you seek support and advice on this process from their office before submitting your application. It can be difficult to know what to share and in appreciating that this is a very sensitive matter, we want to ensure that you feel confident regarding your safety during this process. You can contact the sexual violence support team by emailing svsa@ucalgey.ca or through the sexual violence support webpage.