University of Calgary Design Standards

The standards set out in this document are intended to serve as design requirements for the University of Calgary.

The design standards reflect the planning, design, construction and maintenance expertise of university personnel. These design standards apply to campus designs relating to new construction, renovation, renewal, and maintenance projects.

All of the concepts and procedures are for the use of designers and consultants. The use and inclusion of these standards in bid documents does not relieve the consultant or architect of the responsibility and legal liability for any bid documents created from these standards.

These standards are under constant review and revision. As changes, updates and new sections are incorporated, the version number and issue date will be updated. At the start of each project, prime consultants shall acknowledge the current version of the university design standards in use.

Staff and external architects and consultants are encouraged to put forward proposed revisions for consideration at any time. Please forward proposals and comments to:

It is not the intent of these standards to limit or confine the development and application of creative and innovative solutions. Where such alternative solutions, systems or approaches are being considered, a written proposal outlining the benefits, limitations, and total cost of ownership of the proposed solution shall be submitted to Facilities for formal approval by the appropriate technical authority within the university.

In developing these standards, the following guiding principles have been identified for all planning, design and construction projects at the university:

  • Safety and security
  • Accessibility
  • Sustainability and environment
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Total cost of ownership

Design Standards