Be wildlife smart

Coyote dispersal activity on campus.


Coyote activity increases in early fall, especially around greenspaces, like many areas found across campus.

Fall is the dispersal season for many wildlife. Some coyotes in a pack may leave their family and travel to set up in a new territory. The coyotes will take advantage of easily accessible food and shelter. They may also be more fearful being away from their family for the first time. These conditions can lead to unsafe interactions between coyotes, humans and pets.

UCalgary’s approach to wildlife aligns with the City of Calgary’s approach to urban wildlife, which focuses on co-existence and involves: monitoring wildlife activity, reducing attractants such as food sources and educating the campus community.

Learn more about co-existing with coyotes from the City of Calgary and  Coyote Watch Canada.

The safety of the community and visitors is a priority for the university. Follow these tips to co-exist safely with coyotes:

Help make it safe. Be wildlife smart.

  • Don’t feed animals.
  • Give wildlife room to move through and move on.
  • Monitor small children and keep pets on a leash.
  • If a coyote seems aggressive or approaches you:
    • Do NOT run or turn away.
    • Scare the animal by shouting and waving your arms overhead.
    • Maintain eye contact and back away slowly.
    • Call 9-1-1 if your safety or the safety of others is threatened.
    • Call Campus Security at 403.220.5333 if you would like to report encounters that occurred on UCalgary grounds.