Main Campus Landscape Plan

The plan guides the future development of outside spaces on campus while weaving together aspirations from the Indigenous Strategy, the Institutional Sustainability Strategy, the Mental Health Strategy and the Main Campus Long Range Development Plan in a meaningful and actionable way. 

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Spirit of Walking Parallel Paths & Creating an Ethical Space

Building upon the University of Calgary’s 2016 Main Campus Long Range Development Plan, the 2020 Main Campus Landscape Plan (MCLP) was developed through an extensive consultation process with Indigenous and campus communities.

Words from the University's Indigenous Foundational Group

The shared vision seeks to respectfully interpret the stories of the campus land and guide development to support "all our relations" a healthy community of inter-dependent people, animals and plants, well into the future. 

The Main Campus Landscape Plan (MCLP) shared principles speak to: 

  1. An ethical and safe landscape that honours and supports Indigenous peoples’ stories, spirit, knowledge, traditions and gatherings
  1. An educational landscape that broadens our understanding of the land and fosters immersive teaching, learning and research
  1. An inclusive and respectful landscape that welcomes all
  1. A cohesive and inspiring landscape that develops a kinship to our land’s four seasons and strengthens our sense of community
  1. A sustainable landscape that builds resiliency and adaptation while respecting natural laws together, with commitments to the well-being of all life through time