The University of Calgary campus in June 2022.

Capital Projects

The University of Calgary aims to continually maintain, renew, repurpose and expand its facilities.

The owned built environment of the University of Calgary exceeds 1,000,000 gross square metres on multiple campuses, with approximately half of the buildings being over 50 years old. Driven by priorities articulated within the 2018-23 Academic and Research Plans, the following projects below includes some of the major capital projects underway.

Strategic Capital Project Planning Principles

The university continues to take a pragmatic and balanced approach in its determination on how best to accommodate the infrastructure needs of our campuses, through the development of five strategic planning principles:

  1. Advancement of planning and design activities on priority projects to ensure they are effectively scoped and budgeted, and ready for implementation as funding opportunities arise.
  2. Leverage renewal projects with repurposing needs to address the pedagogical requirements for today and tomorrow.
  3. Identify critical new infrastructure that will provide purpose built space for research and academic activities that cannot be accommodated through repurposing and renewal alone.
  4. Proactively identify and manage our deferred maintenance liability to minimize the risk of building failures and potential closures.
  5. Explore alternate funding mechanisms to leverage provincial funding and advance the mission of the institution.

Primary Goals for Capital Project Delivery

Facilities manages every project at the University of Calgary from initiation through to design, construction and commissioning. There are five primary Facilities' goals for the successful delivery of capital projects.

Delivering projects that are indicative of a spirited, high-quality learning environment, as Eyes High envisions, and meeting the teaching and research needs of the academy and students.

Delivering projects in a professional, responsible and timely manner.

Delivering projects of long-term value within approved budgets.

Continually measuring the process and outcomes with the intention of being recognized as one of Canada’s top five research universities.

Ensuring that all construction work is done in compliance with the university’s Environment, Health and Safety policies and procedures and governmental regulations and requirements.