MacKimmie Tower

MacKimmie Tower

Address: 404 University Court NW
Building abbreviation: MT
Building number: 25

The redeveloped MacKimmie Tower is one of the most energy efficient buildings on a Canadian postsecondary campus.

Boris Dragicevic, AVP Facilities Development

What's inside?

University of Calgary International

Faculty of Social Work

Office of Institutional Anaylsis


Information Technologies

Development and Alumni Engagement

Office of Advancement

MacKimmie Complex

Building Construction

Completion Date

Tower Original: December 1972
Tower Renewal: November 2019

Block Original: September 1963
Block/Link demolition: Planned for September 2020

Main Contractors

Original: Alberta Department of Public Works
Renewal: Stuart Olson

Lead Consultants

Architect: Alberta Dept. of Public Works (original); Dialog (renewal)
Structural: Alberta Dept. of Public Works (original); Entuitive (renewal)
Mechanical: Alberta Dept. of Public Works (original); Dialog (renewal)
Electrical: Alberta Dept. of Public Works (original); SMP Engineering