Taylor Family High Density Library

Address: 11711 - 85 Street NW
Building abbreviation: HDL
Building number: 64

The High Density Library (HDL) creates innovation and long-term growth through support for students and researchers while enhancing maintenance of world-class collections. HDL holds space for collaborative learning, multimedia, data visualization and archives in an environmentally controlled facility.

Libraries and Cultural Resources

What's inside?

Libraries and Cultural Resources Collections

Archival and Museum Collections

HDL Interior

Building Construction

Completion Date

Original: June 2010
Expansion: April 2018

Main Contractor

Original and Expansion: Cana Construction

Lead Consultants

Architect: Kasian Architecture
Structural: Read Jones Christofferson
Mechanical: Stantec (original); Williams Engineering (expansion)
Electrical: Stantec (original); Williams Engineering (expansion)